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Tantallon Community Players Little Women

By • Dec 11th, 2008 • Category: Reviews
Little Women
Tantallon Community Players
Harmony Hall Regional Center, Fort Washington, MD
$15/$12 Students, Seniors
Through Dec. 14th

This is the ShowBiz Radio review of Little Women, performed by Tantallon Community Players in Fort Washington, Maryland. We saw the performance on Sunday afternoon December 7, 2008.

Little Women is a musical with music by Jason Howard, lyrics by Mindi Dickstein, and book by Allan Knee. Set in Concord, Massachusetts, during the Civil War, Father has left for the war, leaving his wife “Marmee” and four daughters, Meg, Jo, Amy and Beth. Into their lives comes Laurie, the grandson of their wealthy neighbor, who becomes like a beloved brother to the girls. Jo, the second oldest, is a bright, inquiring girl with a budding literary gift, who writes bloodthirsty stories and plays which are dramatized by the girls and Laurie.

Little Women was fun, extremely well sung, well acted, well cast, and well performed. This production featured a large cast of 34 actors. The tomboy Jo March was played fabulously by Rikki Howie. Some might argue that she was not enough of a tomboy, however, others would say that she had the walk, talk, and movements of a boy, but had the loving heart and emotions of a woman. Her song “Astonishing” which closed the first act was moving and powerful.

Jo’s youngest sister, Amy, was played by Valerie Holt. Holt was animated and a good sparring partner for Howie. Their shouting and anger towards each other when Amy admitted she had burned Jo’s manuscript was realistic. Another character who was definitely the comic relief was Aunt March played by Lisa K. Morton. Morton’s Aunt March was loud, overly dramatic, annoying, and high spirited.

The men also played their roles well. Laurie, the grandson of Mr. Laurence, was played by Derek Pickens. Pickens showed much enthusiasm and spirit in the role of Laurie. Mr. Laurence was portrayed by Steve Dasbach. He slowly became more likable and understanding, and Dasbach played the role with realistic emotion.

The set for Little Women consisted of stairs leading off stage right and left all painted black. There was a huge book in the middle of the stage that was used to show a sketch of the place of the action happening on the stage. On the sides of the stage were a collection of other oversized books that served as tables, chairs and resting places. The set was designed by the show’s director, Charla Rowe.

The lighting also set the mood well. There were lighting and sound effects that demonstrated thunder. During some of the solo numbers the lights were dimmed to focus and hold your attention throughout the song. The Lighting Designer was by Cheryl Fry and the Sound Designer was David C. Weaver.

Little Women ran two hours and fifty minutes with one intermission. It is playing for one more weekend, Friday and Saturday at 8 pm and closing on Sunday December 14th at 2 pm at the Harmony Hall Regional Center in Fort Washington, Maryland. This is a show the whole family will enjoy this holiday season.

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And now, on with the show.


  • Jo March: Rikki Howie
  • Young Jo: Adhana Reid
  • Amy March: Valerie Holt
  • Young Amy: Lydia Krivak
  • Beth March: Alex Hielmeyer
  • Young Beth: Abby Barber
  • Meg March: Hannah Stone
  • Young Meg: Casey Miller
  • Marmee: Lauren Bloom
  • Aunt March: Lisa K. Morton
  • Laurie: Derek Pickens
  • Mr. Laurence/Old Knight: Steve Dasbach
  • Mr. Brooke: Bryant Harris
  • Professor Bhaer: Doug Graupman
  • Father: Lance Adell
  • Hilga: Pat Bonnet
  • Hannah: Sandy Carson
  • Mrs. King: Libby Dasbach
  • Braxton: Devin Dasbach
  • Maid: Kitty Harger
  • Mrs. Kirk: Ginger Hayes
  • Inez: Adrien Seaton
  • Annie Moffat: Samantha Battrsby
  • Clarissa: Amiee Bonnet
  • Soloist: Aria Curameng
  • Monk: Samantha Sison
  • Matron: Shirley Weaver
  • Trolls: Rene Banks, Tatyana Bloom, Stephen Bonet, Harper Chagnon, Rory Chagnon, Megan Hayes, Jeffery Seaton


  • Director: Charla Rowe
  • Producer: Steven Dasbach
  • Stage Manager: John Battersby
  • Music Director: Charla Rowe, Lisa J. Morton
  • Choreographer: Rikki Howie
  • Performance Pianist: James Watson
  • Set Design: Charla Rowe
  • Lighting Design: Cheryl Fry
  • Sound Design: David C. Weaver
  • Sound and Light Operators: Harmony Hall Staff
  • Costumes Design: Libby Dasbach
  • Costumes Construction: Libby Dasbach, Rikki Howie, Ginnie Bird, Suzanne Wallace
  • Publicity: Shannon Perkey
  • Props: Jo Rake, Janice Bean
  • Set Painting/Dressing: Marilyn Weaver
  • Set Construction Foreman: Mark Holt
  • Crew: George Roff, Larry Carbaugh
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