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Stone Bridge High School You Can’t Take It with You

By • Nov 17th, 2008 • Category: Cappies

The Sycamores fail at dancing, fail at play writing, and fail at paying their income tax, but Stone Bridge High School definitely did not fail at portraying this crazy family in their rendition of You Can’t Take It with You.

This 1930’s “screwball comedy” by George F. Kaufman and Moss Hart delves into the lives of the not-so-sane Sycamore family. In the midst of their crazy antics, they are taken aback when Alice Sycamore finds herself a straight-laced fiancé, Tony Kirby, who, with his uptight parents, unexpectedly come to Sycamore household. Once they arrive, the Kirbys realize they’ve entered into a world completely different than their own; however, this initial surprise is nothing compared to the madness that ensues as the night goes on.

Through highly innovative technical and performance elements, Stone Bridge perfectly captured the essence of this classic play. The majority of the actors were completely committed to their characters; some even created accents which were greatly amusing, but most importantly, consistent throughout the show. Not only was the comedic timing of the actors nearly impeccable, but the technicians were also able to perfectly follow the comedic beats of the show with their moving set pieces, adding a brand new element to this naturally hysterical show.

The energy of the cast never faltered and the actors were successful in the portrayal of their characters. The show’s lead actress Samantha Teran (Alice) was able to successfully portray the “straight” character in the midst of all the caricatures of the show. Also, Jason Francis (Martin Vanderhof) was consistent with his vocal choices and effectively delivered his comedic lines.

The entire Sycamore household worked seamlessly as an ensemble and all the actors added hilarious quirks to their characters. Meghann Parkinson (Penelope Sycamore), however, stood out above all the others. Parkinson not only made daring vocal and physical choices throughout the show, but she never once dropped character and delivered every line and mannerism naturally and hilariously.

Erik DeLong (Boris Kolenkhov) also showed complete commitment as the highly eccentric Russian ballet instructor. DeLong certainly was not afraid to take risks; he was even able to dance on top of a table in a unitard without a moment of hesitation.

The most successful technical element of this production was undoubtedly the set. John Darr and Rachel Martin designed and constructed the Sycamore household with moving stairs, rotating walls, and revolving doors. A plethora of different knick-knacks and furniture pieces were also included to add to the eccentricity of the household.

The other technical elements of the show also successfully enhanced the production value of Stone Bridge’s show. Several costumes were beautifully constructed; however some did not accurately portray the time-period; and although the make-up allowed the audience to clearly distinguish the actors’ faces, their ages were not always so distinguishable.

Stone Bridge High School’s production of You Can’t Take It With You left the audience with the memory of an extremely enjoyable night they could take with them.

by Vanessa Bretas of McLean High School

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