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George Mason High School Brigadoon

By • Nov 24th, 2008 • Category: Cappies

Soothing, mystical chants enticed the audience into George Mason High School’s production of the 1947 musical Brigadoon as they took us on a journey that was “almost like falling in love.”

Originally opening on March 14, 1947, Brigadoon follows the story of two American tourists who get lost in the highlands of Scotland and happen upon the town of Brigadoon. Brigadoon is a mysterious village that only appears out of the mist every one hundred years, though, to the villagers it only feels as if a day has passed. Written by Alan Jay Lerner with music by Frederick Loewe (famous for the musicals My Fair Lady and Camelot.), Brigadoon has had numerous revivals with another revival on it’s way. It was also turned into a 1954 movie starring Gene Kelly.

The townspeople of Brigadoon were always energetic especially in songs such as “The Chase” and “I’ll Go Home With Bonnie Jean.” Each cast member knew his/her place within the show and had specific character. The entire ensemble including leads each featured exquisite Scottish accents; however, there was often difficulty understanding the actors due to some diction problems.

As the charming Tommy Albright, Reilly O’Hara gave a fine portrayal and was believable in his role while lending a pleasant voice to the production. As the young lassie, Fiona MacLaren, who is waiting for her dearie, Maria Gracia Rivas gave an endearing performance and her soprano voice soared over high notes easily despite a few microphone problems.

As hard-drinking and stalwart sidekick Jeff Douglas, Tei Armar was quite amusing, using his sarcastic humor to lighten up the show. As the promiscuous Meg Brockie, Katie Potrykus, provided a quirky character and delivered an hilarious performance of her song, “The Love of my Life.” Another notable performance was given by Miles Butler as the soon-to-be married Charles Dalrymple. Butler’s tenor voice soared in the high-energy toe-tapping number, “I’ll Go Home With Bonnie Jean.”

Portraying Dalrymple’s soon-to-be wife Jean MacLaren, Janine Baumgardner gave a sweet and graceful ballet performance during the song, “Come to Me, Bend to Me,” backed up by Butler’s tenor. Other notable performances included Jack Cashin as Sandy Dean who delivered delightfully witty one liners and Tyler Morris as Fran the Bartender.

George Mason’s set was skillfully done and well-painted depicting Scottish highlands and the town of Brigadoon beautifully while giving it a mysterious feel. Despite a few execution flaws, the lighting was well-designed to set the mood of the show.

Overall, George mason’s cast aptly handled the task of tackling a difficult score and script and managed to deliver an evening of entertainment that proved as Mr. Lundie says “when ye love someone deeply, anythin’ is possible. Even miracles.”

by Steven Einhorn of Robert E. Lee High School

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