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Little Theatre of Alexandria Scrooge the Musical

By • Nov 25th, 2008 • Category: Reviews
Scrooge the Musical
Little Theatre of Alexandria
Little Theatre of Alexandria Theatre, Alexandria, VA
Through December 14th

Decked in holiday splendor a full house of theater patrons welcomed the holiday season in with a warm reception to the Little Theater of Alexandria‘s production of Scrooge the Musical. Strong in sentiment, rich with energy and full of Dickens charm the LTA production offered a warm and endearing rendition of this thirty-year old Bricusse classic.

The well-designed set suffered a few technical tweaks that did little to detract from a clever and well paced production. The set was beautifully designed, well-dressed and highly functional. The costumes were magnificent.

Scrooge, was not only, well a scrooge but clever and a bit playful… With an enormous amount of focus, energy and talent Mike Baker brought much to the role that is often missing in other productions. With wit and focus and a keen intellect he moved through a demanding performance as an outstanding leading man.

I thoroughly enjoyed this well directed production but found little that is memorable or exceptional in the musical score and indeed, the music presented a few minor challenges. Intonation for the ensemble in the opening as well as meter changes in the finale of the production were apparent. The orchestra of a single keyboard and percussion was sparse and not as supportive as the addition of additional instruments or keyboard patches might have offered.

The cast really showcased many of LTA’s talented players. Notable performances included the Jacob Marley (Frank Pasqualino) and the ghost of Christmas Present (Kate Roehr) and newcomer Carla Crawford as Mrs. Fezziweg. The children were charming, winsome and well sung , most especially Tiny Tim (Emma Kelly) and his sister Kathy Cratchitt (Jayne Saxin Zirkle).

Scrooge the Musical presents a great opportunity to celebrate the holiday spirit- past, present and future.


  • Mr. Pringle/Phantom/Fezziwig/Ghost of Christmas Future: Mark Lee Adams
  • Belinda Cratchit: Nikki Amico
  • Peter Cratchit: John Anderson
  • Ebenezer Scrooge: Mike Baker, Jr.
  • Ensemble: Maya Brettell
  • Jenny/Ensemble: Emma Canfield
  • Ensemble: Tori Conner
  • Mrs. Fezziwig: Carla Crawford
  • Isabel: Caitlin Diana Doyle
  • Boy Scrooge/Turkey Boy/Ensemble: Daniel Durgavich
  • Jocelyn Jollygoode/Topper/Ensemble: Stephen Edwards
  • Miss Dilber/Phantom/Ensemble: Reeny Eul
  • Bess/Beggar Woman/Mary/Ensemble: Jennifer Finch
  • Ensemble: Evie Galvan
  • Ensemble: Catherine Giddings
  • Tom Jenkins: Mark Hidalgo
  • Martha Cratchit: Emily Hyland
  • Tiny Tim: Emma Kelly
  • Mrs. Cratchit: Laura Kiefer
  • Ensemble: Mattie Leibowitz
  • Ensemble: Eliza Malakoff
  • Bob Cratchit: Bob Maurer
  • Ensemble: Meg Maurer
  • Wine Merchant/School Teacher/Ensemble: Eddie Page
  • Jacob Marley: Frank Pasqualino
  • Ghost of Christmas Present: Kate Roehr
  • Mr. Pringle/Phantom/Fezziwig/Ghost of Christmas Future: John Shackelford
  • Harry/Young Scrooge: Jay R. Sigler
  • Bissett the Butcher/Ensemble: Bob Suchan
  • Mrs. Dilber/Helen/Ensemble: Susan Thompson
  • Huge Heraty/Phantom/Dick Wilkins/Ensemble: Mike Usowski
  • Mrs. Pringle/Phantom/Ensemble: Claudia Van Nostrand
  • Ghost of Christmas Past: Jessica Vega
  • Ensemble: Jamila Velinor
  • Kathy Cratchit: Jayne Saxon Zirkle


  • Producers: Rachel Alberts and Jennifer Lyman
  • Assistant Producer: Bobbie Herbst
  • Director: Roland Branford Gomez
  • Assistant Director: Eddie Page
  • Choreographer: Amanada Cane
  • Dance Captain: Mark Hidalgo
  • Vocal Coach (children): Linda Wells
  • Vocal Coach (adults): Cathy Manley and Linda Wells
  • Accompanists: Joe Gems, Donna Kepler, Elisa Rosman
  • Stage Managers: Leighann Behrens and Margaret Evans-Joyce
  • Assistant Stage Managers: Charles N. Dragonette and Amanda Helms
  • Set Design: John Downing
  • Set Construction: Dan Remmers
  • Assisted By: Chris Feldman, Jack Schaeffer, Jerry Wolf, Bob King, Bob Suchan, Reeny Eul, Danielle Canfield, Anna Penniman, Eric Yahia, Josh Jackson, Bob Staiman, Teresa Redmon, Paul Nasto, Marcelino Galvin, Gail Cafardi, Lloyd Bittinger, Tiffany Delisio, Judy Kee, Orron Kee
  • Set Painting: Dierdre (de) Nicholson Lamb
  • Assisted By: Sandra Gehring, Bill Nicholson, Beverly Benda, Ashley Swann
  • Properties: Judy Kee and Art Snow
  • Assisted By: Emilie Pade, Carol Hutchinson, Janice Yeadon, Jayne Rife, bob Van Eeimeren, Margaret Snow, Roberta Henderson
  • Set Dressing: Teresa Redmon
  • Assisted By: Marian Holmes, Donna Reynolds, Russell M. Wyland
  • Lighting Design: Justin Lang
  • Master Electricians: Doug Olmsted and Alice Lee
  • Assisted By: Nancy Owens, Eileen Doherty, Pam Leonowich, Richar dSchwab, Patty Zubeck Means, John Peterson, Robert Kraus, Jennifer Froetschel
  • Sound Design: David Correia
  • Assisted By: Alan Wray, Janice Rivera, Anna Hawkins, David Hale, Keith Bell, Heather Franklin
  • Rigging: Russell M. Wyland
  • Costume Design: Jean Schlichting and Kit Sibley
  • Assisted By: Mary Campbell
  • Wardrobe: Annie Vroom and Margaret Snow
  • Assisted By: Jamie Blake, Mary Campbell, Nicole Brettell, Kim Galvan, Barbara Helsing, Ashley Johnson, Maria Leibowitz
  • Makeup Design: Susan Braun
  • Hair and Wig Design: Paul Morton
  • Auditions: Annie Vroom, Tina Anderson, Margaret Snow, Susan Devine, John Shay
  • Double Tech Dinner: Benny Robles and Ronnie Hardcastle
  • Opening Night Party: Maru Hunstad, Peter O’Konski, Virginia Lacey
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  2. I just saw this show today. It was a little long and dragged a little, but it was fun. Characters I enjoyed most were Mr. Baker’s “Ebenezer Scrooge” who was forever tireless, fearful, angry and finally happy to love life; the Ghost of Christmas Past, Miss Vega has this deep, rich, resonating voice. I’d hoped she would bet to sing more than she did. With the small solo singing role she had it was beautiful. Jamila Velinor, a member of the ensemble, didn’t have a speaking part at all but her movement, expressions, and overall body language was like that of a pro, timely and right. She caught my eye every time she came on stage with the ensemble.. The Ghost of Christmas Present, Miss Roehr was serious, but a funny good time girl. She played that character well. Set and costumes were fabulous.