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Springfield Community Theatre PetPourri

By • Oct 30th, 2008 • Category: Reviews
Springfield Community Theatre
New School of Northern Virginia, Fairfax, VA
$18/$15 Seniors and Students
Through November 2nd

This is the Show Biz Radio Review of PetPourri, performed by the Springfield Community Theatre in Fairfax, Virginia. We saw the performance on Sunday afternoon, October 26th, 2008.

PetPourri is acabaret musical celebrating our furry, feathered and scaly friends and their owners, by DC’s own Debbie LaPuma and Andrea Dodds. Recommended for music-lovers and anyone who has ever owned a pet.

This was a variety show complete with tap dancing, the tango, and talented singing. The performers all did a fine job of making their pets seem like part of the family. This was a fun production, showing that a simple musical idea can be quite entertaining.

The four singers, Janice Rivera, Peter Halverson, Kittie Milan, and Mark Hildago all had a nice blend of voices and an exuberance that the audience enjoyed. They played various roles including, a child, a therapy group, a gay couple, and a divorced couple.

The songs also ranged from joyful to sad. There was a tap dance number performed by Mark Hildago, a tango by Mark Hildago and Janice Rivera, and a sorrowful solo sung by Kittie Milan that brought an audible sigh from the audience.

All of the props were brought on and off the stage skillfully. The host of the show (James Ginther, Richard Hildebrand, or Dan Stapula, varies each performance) provided interesting pet-related anecdotes throughout the performance. Sometimes the lighting cues did not always match up with the host’s face and stayed on a bit too long.

PetPourri ran an hour and eighteen minutes with one intermission. It is playing for one more weekend. This Friday and Saturday at 8 pm and a Sunday matinee at 2 pm at the New School in Fairfax, Virginia.

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And now, on with the show.

Directors Notes

I will always remember the time I first saw PetPourri. It was in the Fall of 1997 at Arena Stage’s Old Vat Room. The house was packed, and excitement was very high. I must have been the most excited, because the show was composed by my friend, Deborah Wicks La Puma.

We had just finished our starring roles in The Who’s: Tommy at Elden Street Players (my first big lead!). She was incredible as Mrs. Walker to my Mr. Walker; but I had no idea what a fantastic composer she was until the lights went down and George Fulginiti-Shakar began the intro to “Opening Fugue.” Every neuron in my body fired jolts of electricity in excitement.

I’m delighted to be joined in this production by a couple of wonderful friends. It seems like a full circle of sorts to have Janice Rivera in my cast since she starred in Tommy with me – the second time around. Kittie Millan and I have been close friends since Larry Baird’s Pippin all the way back in 1990. I knew, or knew of, both Peter Halverson and Mark Hidalgo a bit through mutual friends, but this has been my first time working with them. It has been great fun to get to know them both. I cant’ wait to see what they do next.

It has been an honor, privilege and lots of fun, to work with all of them.

Sadly, my partner Richard and I did not know when we started planning this project that we were to lose the heart of our own home. Our precious greyhound, Bailey went to the rainbow bridge in June. I dedicate this performance to the memory of the love she brought to us. We will forever miss her. She was wonderful.


  • Alto: Janice Rivera
  • Baritone: Peter Halverson
  • Soprano: Kittie Millan
  • Tenor: Mark Hildago


  • Co-Producers: Wade Corder, Mary Beth Smith-Toomey
  • Director: Wade Corder
  • Music Director: Evelyn Boesenberg
  • Choreographer: Elaine Topodas
  • Tap Dance Break: Suzie Celentano
  • Rehearsal and Show Pianist: Susan Maher
  • Stage Manager: Robert Knight
  • Set Design: Wade Corder
  • Lighting Design: Susan Riegner
  • Assisted by Charles Agyeman
  • Set Dressing: Pat Jannell
  • Properties: Pat Jannell
  • Costumes: The Cast
  • Hair/Makeup: The Cast
  • Graphic Design: Bobbie Clark
  • Photography: Shelia Price
  • Program: Mary Beth Smith-Toomey
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