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Elden Street Players Secrets of a Soccer Mom

By • Oct 29th, 2008 • Category: Reviews
Secrets of a Soccer Mom
Elden Street Players
Industrial Strength Theater, Herndon, VA
$19/$16 Seniors and Students
Through November 15th

This is the ShowBiz Radio review of Secrets of a Soccer Mom performed by Elden Street Players in Herndon, Virginia. We saw the performance on Saturday evening, October 25, 2008.

Secrets of a Soccer Mom is a comedy by Kathleen Clark. starts out as just another annual “mothers vs. sons” soccer game. But as the game unfolds, the competition on and off the field heats up as these three moms become intent on recapturing their youth, independence and sexiness. This insightful comedy pulls back the curtain on the perils and secrets of life as a member of that under-appreciated species of suburban woman – the soccer mom!

Even though this was a comedy, it felt more like a drama. There were some insights into the lives of the three women. The staging area was small, but the gorgeous painting on the floor definitely made it feel as if it were real grass. The lighting was used effectively in the opening and closing scenes to set the mood. Each of the three women seemed to have a secret goal that they revealed that afternoon on the soccer field. The last fifteen minutes of the show brought the play together.

Allison was the newest to the soccer mom set, played by Annie Ermlick. Ermlick was intimidated by the other two moms on the field. She was a bit of a flirt. Her stance when she was watching the gym teacher was quite comical. On a more serious side, Alison seemed to be trying to find herself and her role as a wife and mother. She had some pretty serious expressions on her face while talking with the other moms.

The most veteran soccer mom was Lynn, played by Susanna Todd. She seemed to never stop moving, and was always active in a PTA project. As Lynn, Todd brought an energy to the performance. Her goal seemed to be to please everyone, do everything right, and be acknowledged for it.

Probably the funniest soccer mom was Nancy, played by Dana Andersen. Andersen did seem the most comfortable on stage around the other women, although she had some minor line troubles. Her goal seemed to be to learn something that was just for her. She had a good scene with Lynn when they talked about Nancy’s photography. It was also obvious from Nancy’s tone and movements that she cared deeply for her children.

The set was made up of two benches where the soccer moms set up their stuff while waiting to play. The floor had been painted to look like a field. The set was designed by the show’s director Bruce Follmer and Rich Klare.

Secrets of a Soccer Mom ran ninety minutes without an intermission. It is playing through November 15th, Fridays and Saturdays at 8 PM. Sunday matinee on the 2nd at 3 PM. A Sunday evening performance on the 9that 7 PM. A Thursday performance on the 13th at 8 PM at the Industrial Strength Theatre in Herndon, Virginia. This was a humorous show with serious undertones. Enjoying soccer is not a prerequisite for enjoying this production.

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And now, on with the show.

Photo Gallery

Alison (Annie Ermlick) Photo 1
Alison (Annie Ermlick)
Photo 1
Lynn (Susanna Todd) Photo 2
Lynn (Susanna Todd)
Photo 2
Nancy (Dana Andersen) Photo 3
Nancy (Dana Andersen)
Photo 3

Photos by Richard Downer


  • Nancy: Dana Andersen
  • Alison: Annie Ermlick
  • Lynn: Susanna Todd


  • Producer: Gina Gabay
  • Director: Bruce Follmer
  • Stage Manager: Joyce Gillogly
  • Technical Director: Marty Sullivan
  • Set Design: Bruce Follmer, Rich Klare
  • Master Carpenter: Marty Sullivan
  • Set Construction: Marty Sullivan, Rue Capri Brown
  • Set Painting: Rue Capri Brown
  • Set Dressing/Properties: Mike Smith
  • Costume Design: Val Nelson
  • Lighting Design: Miranda Welch
  • Assisted by: Al Fetske
  • Sound Design: Stan Harris
  • Assisted by: Tony Aiello
  • Board Operator: Stan Harris
  • House Management: Dave Sinclair
  • Box Office Management: Melody Fetske
  • Publicity: Rich Klare, Ginger Kohles
  • Cover Design/Playbill: Ginger Kohles
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