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Upper Room Theatre Ministry The Music Man

By • Jul 17th, 2008 • Category: Reviews

Listen to our review of Upper Room Theatre Ministry’s The Music Man [MP3 4:11 1.9MB].

The Music Man
Upper Room Theatre Ministry
All saints Church, Manassas, VA
$12/$10 Seniors/$8 Youths
Through July 20th

Laura: This is the ShowBizRadio review of The Music Man, performed by the Upper Room Theatre Ministry in Manassas, Virginia. We saw the performance on opening night, Wednesday, July 16 2008.

Mike: The Music Man was an enjoyable evening. It was a very family friendly show. Most of the cast was part of the All Saints Catholic Church Youth Ministry in Manassas. They did a good job and it was a fun show.

Laura: I think you should go see this show, it was a lot of fun. It was very lively and I really liked the dance numbers. I thought there was a lot of enthusiasm. I think everybody did a pretty good job.

Mike: The Music Man is a musical with book, music, and lyrics by Meredith Wilson, based on a story by Meredith Wilson and Frank Lacey. Fast-talking traveling salesman Harold Hill tries to con the people of River City, Iowa, into buying instruments and uniforms for a boy’s band that he vows to organize, despite the fact that he doesn’t know a trombone from a treble clef. His plans to skip town with the cash are foiled when he falls for Marian the librarian.

Laura: The shyster who came into River City, Iowa, Harold Hill, was played nicely by Mike Duda. I liked his reactions even when he was not the center of the action on stage. He was still engaging in what was going on on stage. He had some pretty good facial expressions.

Mike: The librarian, Marian Paroo, was played by Nicole Smith. She was very dismissive of Harold Hill at the beginning, but later grew to like and respect him and later to love him. The transformation in her ended up also transforming Harold Hill. This was portrayed nicely on stage. I liked her singing voice, although it seemed that a couple times she did strain a little bit. I did like the number she did with the barbershop quartet. They were played by the Prince William Sound. All the voices joined together into a nice harmony.

Laura: This was a large cast. There were children as well as adults on the stage. Everyone seemed to have a good time and were really enthusiastic about this musical.

Mike: I really like the choreography in this show. The choreographer was Vickie Taylor. One of the dancing scenes I liked the best took place in the library where Harold Hill was trying to woo Marian Paroo. They were talking over on one side of the stage while the other characters were reading books and looking through the bookshelves. Then all of a sudden people would start exchanging books with each other. Then they would change places at the tables. The next thing you knew everyone was dancing in circles around the stage and getting Marian Paroo caught up in the action. It worked really well. It was a fairly complex number and I am impressed with how it all came together. No one seemed to be tripping or stumbling.

Laura: The set for The Music Man was pretty creative and well done. There were three sections. On one side you had the home of Mrs. Paroo, her mother and younger brother. At times it could open up and be the parlor room where piano lessons were held. The middle section was the town hall/gymnasium of the school. The far side of the stage was the pool room that did not open up, but was very nicely painted. The set directors were Paul Reynolds and John Sledz. There was a really creative scrim that was used throughout the evening. I think it was hand painted, I am not sure. It was really well done. Scenic artists were Candace Penders and Mary Ellen Semat.

Mike: The Music Man ran two hours and forty-five minute with one twenty minute intermission. It is playing through Sunday, July 20, at All Saints Church in Manassas Virginia. Thursday, Friday, and Saturday at 7:30 and matinees on Saturday and Sunday at 2 pm.

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Mike: And now, on with the show.


  • Harold Hill: Mike Duda
  • Marian Paroo: Nicole Smith
  • Mrs. Paroo: Karen Kelleher
  • Marcellus: John Meyers
  • Mayor Shinn: Gabe Duda
  • Eulalie Shinn: Shannon Wahler
  • Alma Hix/7th Voice: Sarah Wykowski
  • Maud Dunlop/5th Voice: Mary Wines
  • Ethel Tofflemeyer/6th Voice: Nicole Kardaras
  • Mrs. Squires/3rd Voice: Diana DiCicco
  • Tommy Djilas/Led Dance: Dominic Viera
  • Zaneeta Shinn/Lead Dance: Kelly Craige
  • Gracie Shinn: Shannon Bartnick
  • Charlie Cowell: Tommy Marshall
  • Constable Locke/Salesman #5/8th Voice: Sean Bartnick
  • Winthrop: Tommy Smith
  • Amaryllis: Maria Zambrana
  • Jacey Squires: Ralph Johnson
  • Ewart Dunlop: Glenn Dockery
  • Oliver Hix: Al Litchfield
  • Olin Britt: Al Elkins
  • Man #1/Salesman #3/4th Voice: Brian Dunleavy
  • Man #2/Salesman #4: Matt Golasweski
  • Woman #1/10th Voice: Danielle Lozano
  • Woman #2: Jennifer Holowecki
  • Woman #3/(Grandma)/2nd Voice: Mel Land
  • Woman #4: Ashley Towne
  • Young Girl/ Lead Dance: Caitlin Collins
  • Young Girl #2/Lead Dance: Kelly Morrison
  • Young Girl #3/Lead Dance: Bridget Mulhern
  • Young Girl 4: Neesha Karanth
  • Young Girl 5: Kirstin Kleb
  • Young Girl 6: Meg Slovenkay
  • Young Girl 7: Ani Lucas
  • Teen Boy/News #2/11th Voice/Lead Dance: Christian Taylor
  • Teen Boy 2/News #3/1st Voice/Lead Dance: Alex Taylor
  • Teen Boy 3/Conductor/Lead Dance: Brennan Penders
  • Teen Boy 4/Salesman #2/9th Voice: Patrick Jacobeen
  • Teen Boy 5/Newspaper#1: Michael Heller
  • Wagon Driver/Salesman#1: Fr. Thompson
  • The Boys’ Band: Christian Kardaras, Rohan Karanth, Connor Kleb, Jeremy Kleb, John Paul Kleb, Jack Tessier, Peter Tessier


  • Director/Producer: Rob Tessier
  • Choreographer: Vickie Taylor
  • Music Directors: Cathy Drummond
  • Assistant Director: Nichole Dalusung
  • Production Stage Manager: Robin Dalusung
  • Technical Director: Jimmy Conroy, Jay Wells
  • Costume Designer/Coordinator: Jessica Mooney
  • Set Directors: Paul Reynolds, John Sledz
  • Scenic Artists: Candace Penders, Mary Ellen Semat
  • Lighting Designer: Dan Martin
  • Sound Designer: Ben Porter:
  • Deck Stage Manager: John Sledz
  • Assistant Deck Stage Manager: Melissa Teller
  • Property Master: Jimmy Conroy
  • Property Assistant: Jacqueline Penders
  • Make-up & Hair Design: Nicole Kardaras, Eileen Bartelozzi
  • Lighting Board Operator: Alec Haddinger
  • Spotlight Operators: Courtney DeVillier, David Heller
  • Sound Board Operator: Trey Repetski
  • House Manager: Jane Carroll, Veronica Rollins
  • Box Office Manager: Sonia Ferraro
  • Concessions Coordinator: Anna Marie Conroy
  • Photo Video creator: Deacon Stephen Schultz
  • Poster Design: Matt Moore
  • Stage Crew: Andrew Heller, Joe Coyne, Brian Sledz, Lauren Hatmaker, Christian Kardaras, Matthew Jacobeen, Nicole Stalker, Jonathon Mundell, Ben Kolodjek
  • Set Crew: Joseph Coyne, Christopher Carbone, Diana DiCicco, Jennifer Holoweki, Joseph Sledz, Brian Stacscavage, Lauren Hatmaker, Kevin Sledz, Catherine Sledz, DJ Drummond, Cooper Drummond, John Dean, Rob McCormick, Andrew Heller, David Heller, Paul Sledz, Jay Jesse
  • Assistant Costumers: CJ Kardaras, Diana DiCicco, Theresa Fortman
  • Stichers/Wardrobe: Katy Arnold, Clara Bergeron, Julie Fioramonti, Deb Ramsden, Molly Ramsden, Christina Zembrana, Telma Zambrana, Cathy Sledz, Sharron Land, Joann Wines, Sue Collins, Grace Van de Voorde, Fran Van de Voorde, Cassie Malato, Connie Zaplain, Marsha Jacobeen
  • Hat Designer: Nicole Kardaras
  • Scenic Art Crew: Noreen Schulke, Laurinda Lucas, Holly Schwarzwalder, Kaitie McCormick, Vivienne Pendeers, Diana Cramer, Genenieve Lucas, Chloe Semat, Mitchell Semat


  • Conductor: Cathy Drummond
  • Keyboards: Scott Glysson, Meredyth Stirling
  • Drum Set: Russell Lucas
  • Bass Guitar: Justin Christian
  • Soprano Saxophone, Clarinet: Mike Morch
  • Trumpet: Will Humphries
  • Percussion: Johnathan Ferraro
  • Flute, Piccolo: Kathryn Dagley
  • Trumpet: Dave Russell
  • Trumpet: Rickey Drummond
  • Bass clarinet, clarinet, flute, violin: Julie Holtzer
  • Clarinet: Melissa Gard
  • Bassoon: Donna Peck
  • Violin: Amanda Koman
  • Violin: Melanie Waddy
  • Violin: Helena Okalacisanyi
  • Trombone: Joe Wahler
  • Trombone: Brandon Kyker
  • Trombone: Chris Carroll
  • Assistant to the Orchestra: Sarah Clements
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