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Cappies International Theater Starz! A Midsummer Night’s Frolic

By • Jul 30th, 2008 • Category: Cappies

What do you get when a director throws together the cast and basic plot of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Medea, “Stop in the Name of Love” and Hamlet? Why none other than Starz! A Midsummer Night’s Frolic!

STARZ! A Midsummer Night’s Frolic is a all-star revue set to a familiar storyline. This showcase includes scenes from Medea by Christopher Durang and A Matter of Husbands by Ferenc Molnar and popular songs such as “Stop in the Name of Love,” “Let’s Hear it for the Boy” and “Thriller!”

Directed by Julie Wharton and co-produced by Judy Bowns and Jane Strauss, Starz! A Midsummer Night’s Frolic is brought alive by the actor’s natural talent and stage presence. Whether the Mechanicals are bumbling around or characters were breaking out in songs from recently student written CIT pieces such as Edit: Undo and Senioritis the cast of Starz! A Midsummer Night’s Frolic thoroughly entertained even when energy sometimes lacked.

Jake Zumoff, in particular, mastered his part as Snug/Lion. With a meek and scaredy-cat interpretation of his character, Zumoff reminds of The Cowardy Lion in The Wizard of Oz. His tenor voice, also impressive, soared over notes during the song “Everybody says Don’t” from the musical Anyone Can Whistle. Margaret Berkowitz also proved up to the task, especially when she played the young wife in a scene from Ferenc Molnar’s play, A Matter of Husbands. Her voice impressed as well while singing “Let’s Hear it for the Boy” and “Stop in the Name of Love.”

Hannah Spear gave a solid performance as Hermia and especially Medea. While portraying Medea, Spear gave a strong yet comical performance, which backed up by the Medea chorus (Shelby Alexander, Margaret Berkowitz, Bonnie Ings, Sarah Schwartz, and Liz Fallon) had the entire audience bursting out laughing.

The chemistry between Reuben Schwartz as Demetrius and Bonnie Ings as Helena was apparent and both brought their A-game as well. Sarah Byrd, Tim O’Brien, Kim Ness, and Chris Weschler, although in small roles, were memorable as the messenger (Byrd), “Playa” (O’Brien), the comical Angel (Ness), and Weschler as a Clown and Jacob.

Even though a few actors struggled with the Shakespearian language within the play, some succeeded and should be commended for their obvious effort at attempting to master and portray the difficult language.

With flawless technical elements including microphones that were never heard (Mimi Lynch), a run crew that was never seen (Sarah Stephens), bright and brilliant lighting (Ashley McCusker) paired with equally as bright costumes (Sara Lavenhar), Starz! A Midsummer Night’s Frolic proved to be a cute and enchanting show that showcased the acting and technical capabilities of the nominees and award winning cappie students involved.

If you didn’t go see this entertaining show, make sure you catch Anasazi: A Hopi Prophecy Musical by William A. Strauss that will include this same talented cast and crew. The performances will be at McLean High School (1633 Davidson Rd, McLean) on Sunday, August 3rd at 3 pm and at the Kennedy Center’s Theater Lab on Monday, August 4th at 7 pm.

Cappies International Theater (CIT) is a three week program based in Washington D.C. where winning Lead Cappie winners from around the US and Canada, along with Cappie winners, nominees, and honorees from the NCA (National Capital Area) come together and perform two shows. This year, the participants are from El Paso, St. Louis, Springfield, and Philadelphia, along with Edmonton and Ottawa, Canada. For more information and tickets, please see:

Written by Steve Einhorn, Robert E. Lee High School, Nominated Cappie Critic

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