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Act III A Year with Frog and Toad

By • Jul 21st, 2008 • Category: Reviews
A Year with Frog and Toad
Act III Theatre Company
Thomas Jefferson Community Theatre, Arlington, VA
$15/$10 Children, Students. Seniors
Through July 27th

Laura: This is the ShowBizRadio Review of A Year with Frog and Toad, performed by Act III Theatre Company, a division of Encore Stage & Studio in Arlington, Virginia. We saw the performance on Saturday afternoon, July 19, 2008.

Mike: This was a fun show and very innocent. I had not read these stories as a child, but I had a good time.

Laura: I also enjoyed it. I liked the singing and the dancing as well as the acting. I fell in love with both the frog and the toad. I had a really good time.

Mike: A Year With Frog and Toad is a musical adaptation of some of the best-loved Frog and Toad Stories written by Arnold Lobel.

Laura: The two main characters were the Frog and the Toad. The Frog was played by Mimsi Janis. She had such an innocence about her. She always seemed to be happy. She had a fairly good voice. Some of the high notes she had to strain to get to. I like her warmth and her feeling. She had a good relationship with Toad.

Mike: The Toad was played by Lanaya Burnett. She also did a good job. I liked her innocence and her gruffness at the same. I loved the relationship between Frog and Toad. It was very innocent, even at times when Toad was gruff. It was not quite a Laurel and Hardy relationship. They were both serious and kind. I just loved how the Frog and the Toad got along with each other.

There were some on going bits such as the snail mail. I think the performers in the smaller parts did a good job.

Laura: I think the performers did well. It was a large cast. There was a wide range of ages on stage, but they all seemed to work well together and performed well.

Mike: Several of the actors did have different roles. There were a couple chorus line type numbers where you had six to twelve people on stage dancing. They did the dances fairly well, they were simple to carry out. They were enjoyable and it gave the Frog and the Toad a chance to rest their voices to get ready for the next scene.

Laura: The set for A Year With Frog and Toad was well done. It was very creative and had a lot of good artwork. The creativity in designing things like the giant green frog was incredible.

Mike: The Artistic Director, Co-Director, and Set Dressing were done by Susan Alison Keady. The Co-Director, Choreographer, Sound, and Props were done by Marji Jepperson. It was very creative, there were a lot of subtleties. You could see how they built the different pieces of the show. For example the snail was wearing a rolled up sleeping bag on her back. It was a perfect costume, to look like a snail’s shell. It was really good. I also liked the tuba that Toad played.

Laura: A Year with Frog and Toad is playing through Sunday July 27th. Friday and Saturday at 8 and Saturday and Sunday matinee at 2 pm at the Thomas Jefferson Theatre in Arlington, Virginia.

Mike: The show ran two hours and fifteen minutes with one intermission.

Laura: And now, on with the show.


  • Frog: Mimsi Janis
  • Toad: Lanaya Burnett
  • Father Frog, Lizard: Peter Noone
  • Mother Frog: Janet Newlove
  • Baby Frog, Crew Ensemble: Hayley Egart
  • Large and Terrible Frog: Jimmy Keady
  • Lady Bird: Sarah Conrad
  • Lady Bird: Kate Tackett
  • Man Bird: Paul Mungarlulire
  • Mole, Mouse, Baby frog Understudy: Eileen Sugameli
  • Mole: Christine Schindler
  • Snail: Celeste Amalfitano
  • Turtle: Diana Amalfitano
  • Squirrel: Greg Fleck
  • Squirrel, Crew Ensemble: Nora Walls
  • Squirrel, Crew Ensemble: Samantha Kobor
  • Guest Ensemble: Katie Klein


  • Artistic Director, Co-Director, Set Dressing: Susan Alison Keady
  • Co-Director, Choreography, Sound, Props: Marji Jepperson
  • Technical Director, Set Build: Jimmy Keady
  • Music Director, Accompanist: Cynthia Beck
  • Executive Director: Celeste Groves
  • Producer: Molly B. F. Walls
  • Costume Design & Build, Makeup Design: Debra Leonard
  • Lighting Director: Katy Mchugh
  • Stage Manager: Brynn Deakins
  • Window Display: Beth Jones
  • Photographer: Larry McClemons
  • Programs: Laury Sendek
  • Videographer: John Krout

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