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2nd Flight Productions Some Girl(s)

By • Feb 1st, 2008 • Category: Reviews

Listen to our review of 2nd Flight Productions’ Some Girl(s) [MP3 5:49 2.7MB].

Some Girl(s)
2nd Flight Productions
Cramer Center, Manassas, VA

Laura: This is the review of Some Girl(s), performed by 2nd Flight Productions in Manassas, Virginia. Mike and I saw the performance on closing night Sunday January 27th, 2008.

Mike: Some Girl(s) was a funny and sad and frustrating show all at once. I think the different characters were interesting. It got a little bit repetitive near the end of the show. But it was an interesting premise.

Laura: Some Girl(s) was extremely well acted. It was very believable. I got caught up into the story line.

Mike: Some Girl(s) is a play by Neil LaBute. It focuses on the story of Guy who is going to be married in a few months and has decided to revisit some of his old flames. He set up meeting with them in hotel rooms around the country and then he simply goes from town to town to rekindle old friendships and heal past wrongs. The women had really been wronged by him and we get a mix of emotions out of them such as regret, anger, revenge, and we earn a lot more about Guy and what kind of guy he really is.

Laura: Guy was played by Nathan Havey. He was a dork. I got caught up in the story line and by the end of the show wanted to throw him out of one of the hotel windows. He was just a jerk.

Mike: He was onstage for the entire show. He did a durn good job with it. He played the different parts really well. He was the same character. He did not grow at all throughout the entire show. He did have to get intimate with all these different actresses. I think he did a fine job. I liked how at first he was a bit slimy, but you weren’t sure if at the beginning he was slimy or not. As we got to know him we learned that he was pretty slimy. The closing scene was very powerful. You kind of wanted him to be a good guy, but in the back of your mind you knew he was slimy and his actions wouldn’t matter.

Laura: Guy’s first visitor was Sam played by Susanna Todd. She did an outstanding job. She was very much hurt by what Guy did and tried hard to keep it bottled up until the end when it all came pouring out and she let him know how he hurt her.

Mike: Tyler was the fun girl from Chicago. She was played by Lauren Feliz, with some of the funniest lines in the show. She was the least traditional character that you met, although the next character Lindsay (played by Donna Naybor) was also a surprise. She was older. I was not expecting to see an extra marital relationship as one of his past relationships.

Laura: The final two people in Guy’s life that he was coming to terms with were Reggie and Bobbi. Reggie was played by Erin Anderson and Bobbi was played by Sarah Bever. Mike and I talked with the director (Susan Devine) afterwards and on Broadway they left out the Reggie character because they did not want to deal with some of the social ramifications. Susan decided to leave it in because it was yet another window into guy’s character. Reggie kind of showed him that one of the reasons she grew up the way she did was because of something that had happened when she was 11. Sarah Bever did an outstanding job as Bobbi. She was the wrap up, the last person he needed to talk to. She was extremely angry, but tried to let it go.

Mike: I think all the performers did a great job with their scenes. There was a pretty wide range of emotion within each scene. Some were a little more superficial than others. One comment I had was after each scene the music would start playing and the lights would fade. At one point there was one girl who stormed out and slammed the door. I was wondering if she was going to come back or not, but the music started playing so I knew she was not going to come back in. I wished they had timed it differently so that the music didn’t start so soon and we could wonder if she was going to come back in or not.

Laura: The set for Some Girl(s) was interesting. The Set Designer was Kevin King. The stage crew did a good job of changing the set after each scene to make it appear like a different hotel room by changing the curtains or moving the bed around. I thought that was an interesting touch. The lighting was a bit unique.

Mike: There were some challenges with the Cramer Center facility. The lights faded almost to black right in the middle of a couple scenes. That was distracting, but the performers kept going and that was fine. The set was also crooked. I don’t know if that was a set problem with the facility or to show how crooked Guy was. Some of the set pieces were crooked.

Laura: We wanted to thank 2nd Flight Productions for letting us come out and see the show on closing night. It was an extremely well done performance.

Mike: The show lasted about two and a half hours with one intermission. It has already closed. 2nd Flight’s next show is Closer, opening February 15th at the Wadell Theatre at the Northern Virginia Community College Loudon Campus. For more information on that show, go to

Laura: And now, on with the show.


  • Guy: Nathan Havey
  • Sam: Susanna Todd
  • Tyler: Lauren Feliz
  • Lindsay: Donna Naybor
  • Reggie: Erin Anderson
  • Bobbi: Sarah Bever


  • Director: Susan Devine
  • Producers: Kevin King & Shannon Khatcheressian
  • Stage Manager: Laura Fargotstein
  • Set Design: Kevin Ling
  • Set Construction: Kevin King, Nick Durso, Paul Nasto, Mike King, Karen King, Cory Okouchi Jesse Bogue & Mark Helms
  • Scenic Painting: Kevin King, Nick Durso, Becky DeBragga, Karen King, Carla Okouchi & Elisabeth Keck
  • Lighting Design & Board operator: Paul Nasto
  • Sound Design & Board Operator: Paul Nasto
  • Set Dressing: Mike Smith
  • Props: Mike Smith
  • Costumes: Susan Devine
  • House Managers: Cory Okouchi & Carla Okouchi
  • Poster & Program Design: Shannon Khatcheressian
  • Marketing: Leah Aspell & Shannon Khatcheressian
  • Associate Producer: Ann Marie Nasto

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