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The Children’s Theatre Cinderella

By • Jan 15th, 2008 • Category: Reviews

Listen to our review of The Children’s Theatre production of Cinderella [MP3 4:31 2.1MB].

Encore Stage And Studio, The Children’s Theatre
Thomas Jefferson Theatre, Arlington, VA
$10/Adults, $8/Children, Students, Seniors
Through Jan. 19th

Laura: This is the review of Cinderella, performed by The Children’s Theatre which is part of Encore Stage and Studio in Arlington, VA. Mike and I were invited to attend the performance on Saturday afternoon, January 13th, 2008.

Mike: We weren’t quite sure what to expect. When we got to the theater we were surrounded by hundreds of cute little girls and a few little boys. It was mostly girls out to see Cinderella. It was by far the largest audience we’ve ever seen at the Thomas Jefferson Theatre.

Laura: It was, but it was really cute. Some of the little girls were actually in ball gowns, which was really fun. It was colorful. The show overall was great. It was really funny and had some really good lines in it.

Mike: This version of Cinderella was adapted from The Glass Slipper by Vera Morris, performed by Special Arrangement with Pioneer Drama Services, Inc. in Englewood, Colorado. This is the classic tale of Cinderella, whose evil stepmother and mean stepsisters don’t let her go to the ball where the Prince is looking for a wife. Her Fairy Godmother makes it possible for Cinderella to attend the ball. But Cinderella has to be home by midnight or she will turn back into her regular self.

Laura: One thing we do with a youth production is that we don’t give the full names of the actors just to keep kids safe. The lead actress Cinderella was played by Eileen S. She did a good job. She played kind of the meek yet friendly Cinderella who was always trying to please her stepmother and stepsisters, even though she secretly wanted to attend the ball.

Mike: I really liked the Cinderella that Eileen portrayed. She was very innocent and very nice and kind. Even though she was being put down by her family she stayed nice and was very meek.

Laura: The evil Stepmother was played by Rachel C. She was mean and evil. She put her daughters first before Cinderella and made it clear what she thought of Cinderella. At the same time, though, she was kind of funny.

Mike: I liked Rachel’s portrayal of the Evil Stepmother. She was so focused on her daughters, that she was not very nice to Cinderella, but at the same time not really petty either.

Laura: The three Stepsisters were Sara C. as Brunhilde, Katie R. as Cleopatra, and Lily W. as Polly. They were hysterical. The overacting was a real comic relief. It was so funny. They wanted so desperately to marry the prince that they were willing to knock each other out to become his wife.

Mike: I especially liked the costumes they were wearing. Their ball gowns were awesome. I liked their dancing as well. It was very well done. The costumes were designed by Debra L.

Laura: The show started late and the intermission turned out to be twenty-one minutes. I think it partly started out late because there were so many kids to get seated. So allow for two hours when you go see this show even though technically each act is 37 minutes. Cinderella is playing through Saturday January 19th. Friday at 7:30 and Saturday at 3 and 7:30 at The Thomas Jefferson Theatre in Arlington, Virginia. This is a cute show and a great way to get kids exposed to theater.

Mike: This was a good show. If you take a youngster you’ll have a good time. One nit picky thing was with the audience. The kids were surprisingly quiet throughout the show. There was one parent sitting near us who felt the need to explain EVERYTHING that was going on to her kid. The kid was getting it fine. The mother was really annoying. That was something new. Usually the kids are not quite ready for theater, but in this case it was the mother who was not ready for theater.

Laura: And now, on with the show.

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