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Silver Spring Stage Seascape

By • Jan 15th, 2008 • Category: Reviews

Listen to our review of the Silver Spring Stage production of Seascape [MP3 6:00 2.8MB].

Silver Spring Stage
Woodmoor Shopping Center, Silver Spring, MD
Fri/Sat: $18/Adults, $15/Seniors & Juniors; Sun: $15/Adults, $13/Seniors & Juniors
Weekends through Feb. 3

Laura: This is the review of Seascape performed by Silver Spring Stage in Silver Spring, Maryland. Mike and I saw the performance on Saturday evening January 12, 2008.

Mike: This was a very well done show. It had kind of a slow start to it the first act, but the second act was much more interesting and moved right along. It had a lot of humorous moments as well as some dramatic moments.

Laura: This was a very good show. I’m always impressed by the staging at Silver Spring Stage. They always do really well in that space. The acting was good. The second act had a little more action and more to it that the first act. I think the first act was getting the characters established and left room for a cliff hanger right before intermission. I enjoyed it.

Mike: Seascape is a play by Edward Albee. It won the 1975 Pulitzer prize. On a deserted stretch of beach a middle-aged couple, relaxes after a picnic, talk idly about home, family and their lifes. Suddenly, they are joined by two sea creatures — lizards who have decided to leave the ocean and come ashore. Fear and suspicion of each other are soon replaced by curiosity and, before long, the humans and the lizards are engaged in a fascinating dialogue. The lizards, at a very advanced stage of evolution, are contemplating the terrifying and exciting possibility of life out of the water; and the couple holds the answers to their most urgent questions.

Laura: The two humans were Nancy and Charlie, played by Michelle Trout and Craig Miller. They both did a good job. Mike and I were talking about the show on the way home and were wondering if they were a little bit young for those roles. It seems like in some of the things they were talking about, the empty nest syndrome, medical issues and things like that that they were supposed to be in their seventies. They still played the parts really well and were very convincing.

Mike: They were such a cute couple. It felt very realistic. They were very comfortable with each other. I liked how Charlie was almost a little fatalistic about what his capabilities are now. Nancy was still hopeful, but at other times resigned to the fact that she couldn’t do everything she used to do. It was really a great pairing and the humanity that came out when talking with the sea creatures was really well done.

Laura: The two lizards were Sarah and Leslie, played by Brandon Mitchell and Robin Covington. They also did a great job. Their whole mannerisms when they came up out of the water were very sea creature-esque. The way they crawled and were uncertain about this idea of standing upright. It was fascinating to watch. Just as Charlie was kind of the fatalist human, Leslie was the one who was ready to jump back in the water. It was Sarah his mate who wanted to stay and check things out.

Mike: They both brought a lot of human touches. There were several funny moments when Sarah would give Leslie a look that said, “Yes dear.” They nailed that so well. The reactions between all four people between each other was very well done. The fear they each felt for the opposite. The fact that the sea creatures were not walking upright the whole time. They were crawling around the set for much of the time. I think they all did a fine job with that.

Laura: The set for Seascape was very well done. Set Designer was Mike Leahy. I was very impressed by the set. They used that small space very well and added a lot of detail. A lot of accents were used to add detail. They brought in sand to make it feel like a beach. It was really good.

Mike: The other significant design aspect were the costumes. The costume designer was Eric Scerbo. They were great. The sea creatures were in camouflage outfits with nice long tails. They were scary and kind of freaky, but at the same time not so freaky and scary as you got to know them.You could see their expressions. They did a very impressive job.

Laura: Another neat aspect were the sound effects. Sound Designer was Scott Bloom. Right before the lights came up on the beginning of the play you had the sound of waves crashing on the shore. It was muted so as not to be distracting. Then every once in a while you had an airplane go overhead which got a great reaction in the second act from the lizards.

Mike: This show will definitely make you think about a lot of the things presented to you. The sea creatures can speak English. Yes they are able to communicate easily with humans. That was ok and you accept that very easily. It made perfect sense in the context of the show.

Laura: This show is approximately one hour and fifty minutes long with one intermission. Seascape is playing through Sunday, February 3. Friday and Saturdays at 8 and a Sunday matinee on the 20th and 3rd at 2 pm at the Woodmoor Shopping Center in Silver Spring, Maryland.

Mike: This is a show that’s going to make you think. It will make you question your assumptions about your purpose for life, the purpose of emotions. I think Silver Spring Stage has done a fine job with this show.

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Mike: And now, on with the show.


  • Nancy: Michelle Trout
  • Charlie: Craig Miller
  • Leslie: Brandon Mitchell
  • Sarah: Robin Covington


  • Producer: Jerry Schuchman
  • Director: Laurie Freed
  • Stage Manager: Megs Callahan
  • Set Designer: Mike Leahy
  • Master Carpenter: Tom Smith
  • Lighting Designer: Don Slater
  • Sound Designer: Scott Bloom
  • Costume Designer: Eric Scerbo
  • Makeup & Hair Design: The Cast
  • Light Operator: Rob Argue
  • Sound Operator: Johan Beram
  • Photographer: Neill Edgell, Jr.
  • Program: Leta Hall
  • Program Cover Design: Audrey Celaly
  • Subscription Brochure: Audrey Cefaly
  • Artistice Liaison: Michael Kharfen
  • Opening Night Reception: Pauline Griller-Mitchell, Rich Ley, Jerry Schuchman
  • Hospitality Coordinator: Pauline Griller-Mitchell
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  1. Dear Laura and Mike, thank you for your lovely review of SEASCAPE. We are all very proud of this production.
    Sincerely, Laurie T. Freed, Director

  2. Mike and Laura,
    Thank you so much for your wonderful review of our production
    at Silver Spring Stage. I enjoy reading and listening to them and
    appreciate the insights you offer.

    Richard Ley
    Chair, Silver Spring Stage