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Sterling Playmakers The Mousetrap

By • Nov 10th, 2007 • Category: Reviews

Listen to our review of Sterling Playmakers’ production of The Mousetrap [MP3 3:59 1.8MB].

Laura: This is the review of The Mousetrap performed by The Sterling Playmakers in Sterling Virginia. Mike and I saw the performance on Friday evening November 9, 2007.

Mike: This was a really good show. Sterling Playmakers is turning into I think the “Little Theatre Group That Can.” They take on, not wildly ambitious shows, but they take on really solid shows and they give really solid performances and productions. I’m really enjoying their work.

Laura: This was a good show. It was your typical Agatha Christie with the nice twist at the end that you have to go see in order to understand. I thought they really pulled it off well.

Mike: The Mousetrap is a murder mystery by Agatha Christie. The story is about a young couple, Mollie and Giles Ralston, who have started up a new hotel in the converted Monkswell Manor. They are snowed in together with four guests and an additional traveller, who had a car accident. A police detective arrives to inform the group that he believes a murderer is on his way to the hotel. When one of the guests is murdered, they realize that the murderer is already there. The plots and turns and twists will keep you guessing right up to the surprise ending which is. . .

Laura: Mollie Ralston, one of the two hotel owners was played by Corinne Fox. I liked her portrayal. She was very much hiding something.

Mike: She had just enough nervousness about running this hotel. Her skittishness when dealing with the eccentricities of some of the guests was really quite good. I loved her scream right before intermission. It was bloodcurdling and quite effective.

Christopher Wren was one of the guests, played by Clinton May. He was a very interesting character. Very effeminate, but at the same time not scared of anything and very comfortable with that. It was an interesting portrayal. He received lots of laughs and giggles from the audience.

Laura: He was funny. I enjoyed his performance. He was running away from something, but glad to be at Monkswell Manor. I liked his ease on stage. It was very believable. There may have been a few dramatic pauses from him, but over all I think he did a good job.

Probably the most obnoxious person in the cast was Mrs. Boyle, played by Kathleen Donovan-Scully. She was quite snotty and really didn’t want to be there, but wasn’t willing to leave. She was actually funny.

Mike: One nit pick I had was some of the actors were the wrong ages. They weren’t bad, but some of them looked younger than I think they were supposed to be, and some looked older than they were supposed to be. That was just a nit pick, but I think everyone did a really good job with their parts.

Laura: The set for Mousetrap was really well done. The show was performed at a middle school so you had a big huge auditorium that was really nice. My nit pick would be that the art on the walls of the set seemed a bit sparse. There was a lot of white space that they could have added more artwork on the walls. Overall I liked it.

Mike: The show’s set designer was also the show’s director, Terry Nelson DiMurro. I think he did a fine job with the set. There were lots of very easily accessible entrances. The performers didn’t stumble or anything like that. I think the set really added to the show and enhanced the quality.

Laura: This is the closing weekend for The Mousetrap. It is playing tonight at 8PM and tomorrow at 2 PM at the Sterling Middle School in Sterling Virginia. Recommend you go see this show.

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Laura: And now, on with the show.


  • Mollie Ralston: Corinne Fox
  • Giles Ralston: Justin Fox
  • Christopher Wren: Clinton May
  • Mrs. Boyle: Kathleen Donovan-Scully
  • Major Metcalfe: David Chappell
  • Miss Casewell: Stephanie Hearne
  • Mr. Paravacini: Terry Smith
  • Detective Srgt. Trotter: Eric Kingsepp


  • Producer: James Wood
  • Director: Terry Nelson DiMurro
  • Assistant Director: Melisande Smith
  • Production Stage Manager: Helen Gernhardt
  • Stage Manager: Lisa Alford
  • Assistant Stage Manager: Herbert Duval
  • Technical Director: Scott Ruegg
  • Set Design: Terry Nelson DiMurro
  • Master Carpenter: Scott Ruegg
  • Lighting Designer: David Chappell
  • Master Electrician: Herb Fuller
  • Props Master: Joe Campanella
  • Props Mistress: Barbara Gillen
  • Costume Designer: Beth Robertson
  • Sound: Darin Weisenberger
  • Makeup: Sarah Daniels
  • Hairstylist: Tosia Shall
  • Publicity: Kathy Bleutge
  • Box Office Manager: Emilie Pugh
  • House: Lora Buckman
  • Graphics: Terry Nelson DiMurro
  • Program: Jenny Wood
  • Box Office: Roseann Vecchio, Tom Vecchio, Burgan Pugh
  • Set Construction: Kathleen Donovan-Scully, Eric kingsepp, Terry Smith, Clinton May, Corinne Fox, Stephanie Hearne, Terry Nelson DiMurro, Melisande Smith, Lisa Alford, Scott Ruegg, Cat Taylor, Helen Gernhardt, Herbert Duval, Craig McKee, Dennis Scully, : Darin Weisenberger, James Wood, Pete Edivan, Joe Campanella, Justin Fox, Katie Chappell, David Chappell
  • Bulk Mailing: Joe Campanella, Kathleen Donovan-Scully, Ryan Wood, James Wood, Herb Fuller, John Dennis Donovan, Patrick Ethan Donovan, Kathy Bleutge, Karen Schlumpf
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