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Montgomery Playhouse Dracula: The Musical?

By • Oct 18th, 2007 • Category: Reviews

Listen to our review of Montgomery Playhouse’s production of Dracula: The Musical? [MP3 5:07 2.3MB].

Laura: This is the review of Montgomery Playhouse‘s production of Dracula: The Musical? performed at the Gaithersburg Arts Barn in Gaithersburg, Maryland. Mike and I saw the show on Saturday October 13th, 2007.

Mike: This was a hilarious show. I had a great time at it.

Laura: It was funny, just silly. It was over the top and over acted. They had a really good audience. It was actually almost sold out. Everybody really enjoyed it. I laughed a lot.

Mike: Dracula: The Musical? is a musical by Rick Abbot. What could be more timely for Halloween than the classic tale of Count Dracula? Except that this version takes Bram Stoker’s original horror story and turns it into a rollicking and delightful spoof with a melodic score. You may not be frightened by the dancing and singing vampires, but you will certainly be startled by all the special effects.

Laura: Mike and I have seen many performances of various theater groups at the Arts Barn. When we saw Dracula: The Musical? we were kind of expecting kind of a simple, bare set. When we got into the theater it was actually one of the best sets that we have seen there. The theater is not a wide theater, it’s more of a long theater. They really used the space well. It didn’t look crowded. Everybody had plenty of room to do what they needed to do. There was an outdoor patio that was used. They used the space so well. I was just really impressed. The Set Designer/Master Carpenter was Andrew Greenleaf.


Mike: I think Andy Greenleaf did a great job with the design of the set. It was by far the most complete, the biggest set I guess we’ve seen at the Arts Barn. We saw the Silver Spring version of The Diary of Anne Frank. That was a very complicated set and they used the actual eaves of the building and everything up there really great. In this show it didn’t feel like you were in a really cramped area. It was a really nice use of space, which was wonderful.

Laura: The Seward family lived in an institution for the mentally unbalanced.

Mike: Mentally disturbed.

Laura: It consisted of the father Sam Seward (Gordon Keifer) and his wife Sophie (Laura Cox). Their daughter Mina Seward was played by Katie Mays. She was very much over dramatic, got swept up in the part. She really looked like she was having a good time.

Mike: We also get to meet one of the inmates, Boris Renfield played by Quinn McCord and the maid, Nelly Norton, played by Jennifer Umbarger. So you have all these weird characters as well as normal people running around. They’ve all got their little funny things happening. Thrown into the mix you have crazy Dr. Van Helsing, played by Jim Camlek. He did a really good job. He was serious. He wasn’t spoofing. He was more of the I’m going to protect you. We need to figure out how to kill him. I’ve got a steak. He played it really well. I liked it.

Laura: The main character of course was Count Dracula, played by Clyde Wright. He was funny. He kept his Transylvanian accent the entire time. He looked scary and was popping up all over the place looking for people. He was also just hysterical.

Mike: He had some of the cool special effects for the show. He had some of the best lines. I think the whole group worked together really well. This show is a musical. The musical director and accompanist was Katie Evans. She had an assistant who was The Sound Effects Operator played by Brian Butters. They worked together in the show. They had a good time and were relaxed.

Laura: Dracula: The Musical? of course was a musical. There was singing and dancing that was pretty well choreographed in the show. Choreographer was also the show’s director William T. Fleming. Everybody worked well together. They were in tune and on time and it just looked good. Again on that stage it was really well done. You didn’t feel like everybody was cramped together. It was really nice.

Mike: Dracula: The Musical? is a comedy, but it is not really for children. They suggest that no one under age ten come. The show is playing at the Gaithersburg Arts Barn through the 28th of October. Friday and Saturday night at 8 and Sundays at 2. The performance we saw was almost sold out. There were only a handful of seats left. So definitely call ahead for reservations.

Laura: And now, on with the show.

Photo Gallery

Renfield (Quinn McCord) and Dracula (Clyde Wright) Dracula (Clyde Wright) biting neck
Renfield (Quinn McCord) and Dracula (Clyde Wright)
Dracula (Clyde Wright) biting neck
Attacking legs of Dracula
Attacking legs of Dracula

Photos by Kay Coupe


  • Nelly Norton: Jennifer Umbarger
  • Sam Seward: Gordon Kiefer
  • Sophie Seward: Laura Cox
  • Mina Sweard: Katie Mays
  • Bubu Padoop: Erin Stansfield
  • Boris Renfield: Quinn McCord
  • Van Helsing: Jim Camlek
  • Dracula: Clyde Wright


  • Producer: Karen Fleming
  • Director: William T. Fleming
  • Music Director: Katie Evans
  • Assistant Director: Meg Johannessen
  • Stage Manager: Donna Dangle
  • Set Design: Andy Greenleaf
  • Lighting Design: Paul Shoop
  • Costume Design: Denise Young
  • Set Decoration: Nancy Davis, Joy Wyne
  • Properties: Nancy David, Joy Wyne
  • Light Execution: David Hughson
  • Artwork: Jennifer Georgia
  • Photography: Kay Coupe
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