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Bowie Community Theatre The Nerd

By • Oct 3rd, 2007 • Category: Reviews

Listen to our review of Bowie Community Theatre’s production of the Nerd [MP3 5:59 2.7MB].

Laura: This is the review of The Nerd, performed by the Bowie Community Theatre in Bowie, Maryland. We saw the performance on Sunday afternoon September 30, 2007.

Mike: There is not a deep meaning in this show. It is a comedy. That means you are allowed to have fun. And not have to think about everything that went on in the show. They did a good job with that. I had a good time at this show.

Laura: It was pretty funny. There were some really funny lines and scenes in there that had everybody laughing. I wish there had been a bigger audience for a Sunday afternoon. It wasn’t a big crowd, but they still had a good time and the performers certainly enjoyed themselves.

Mike: The Nerd is a comedy by Larry Shue. It takes place in the home of Willum Cubbert, an architect who is just starting off on a successful career. It’s his birthday and he is excited that his old army buddy Rick Stedman, who saved his life back in ‘Nam, has called to say he is in the neighborhood and is going to come by so they can meet. Willum shares the story of how his life was saved in Vietnam to his friends. They are all very excited to finally get to meet this great person. Rick shows up and from the start gets everything wrong. He thinks it’s a costume party and things go down hill from there. He just does everything wrong, through no malice of his own. He just doesn’t quite get it. By the end of the week, Willum has lost his job, his girl, and probably his sanity as well. It was a funny show. You’ll have a great time at it.

Laura: Willum Cubbert was played by Ben Carr. He was trying so hard to keep himself sane and not cause a capital offense in his animosity towards his house guest, Rick. It was just so funny. He was so downtrodden and depressed. The more upset he got, the funnier it got.

Mike: We’ve all been there. We’ve bumped into somebody that we knew from years ago. This is even more extreme. He knew this person and he saved his life. He doesn’t want to hurt Rick’s feelings. I think the trials that he went through in his own mind and the frustrations were all very realistic.

Laura: Tansy McGinnis, Willum’s girlfriend, was played by Victoria Hartford. She was a very nice girl. It was obvious that she was wanting to continue her career, but she did have a thing for Willum. I think that tension between them was very real and they had some really good scenes together.

Mike: I kept thinking of the tv shows where you’re not quite sure if the guy is going to get the girl. Like Sam and Diane on Cheers or Moonlighting with David and Maddie. They had that same dynamic going and it worked really well.

Laura: Axel Hammond, the drama critic, was played by Joseph Mariano. He was funny. He was definitely the sarcastic theater critic who didn’t like any kind of theater. He wasn’t sure why he was writing other than he needed the money. He was just sarcastic and his lines and the delivery and his laid back attitude were just really funny.

Mike: The Waldgrave family was also attending the birthday part for Willum. Warnock, also known as Ticky, was played by James McDaniel V. His wife Clelia was played by Nancy Dall. And their son Thor was played by Michael Baca. The wife and the son had smaller parts. They were only in the first act. This was Baca’s first community theater production and I think he did a pretty good job. Ticky had a lot of scenes. He kept coming in and the frustration with his architect Willum. Not understanding that he’s the client and therefore always right. There were so many different nuances that were coming out from him. I enjoyed watching him.

Laura: Rick Stedman, the house guest, was played by Craig Allen Mummey, who was also the show’s director. He was so funny. And he had no idea that he was funny, which made it all the more hilarious. He did everything wrong. The opening scene coming in wearing a Halloween costume and scaring poor Thor out of his wits was so funny. Yet he was so innocent and really wanting to fit in even though everybody around him wanted to kill him.

Mike: He was not even trying too hard to be a friend. He was honestly surprised. “I’ve got a great idea for a game. Let’s play.” I think he did a great job and I’m glad I got to go see this show. There was nothing deep in it. It was just funny.

Laura: The Set Designers were Craig Allen Mummey and Garrett Hyde. It was a really nice set. It had lots of areas for entrances and exits. I liked how the back wall wasn’t covered so you could see what was going on outside the home. I thought that was a really nice touch. It also allowed for some great action off stage.

Mike: The Nerd lasts about two hours and fifteen minutes with one fifteen minute intermission. It is playing at the Bowie Playhouse in Bowie, Maryland through October 13. Friday and Saturdays at 8 and Sunday the 7th at 2 pm.

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Mike: And now, how about a quick game of shoes and socks?


  • Willum Cubbert: Ben Carr
  • Tansy McGinnis: Victoria Hartford
  • Axel Hammond: Joseph Mariano
  • Warnock Waldgrave: James McDaniel V
  • Clelia Waldgrave: Nancy Dall
  • Thor Waldgrave: Michael Baca
  • Rick Stedman: Craig Allen Mummey
  • Crew
    • Director: Craig Allen Mummey
    • Production Assistant: Joanne Bauer
    • Stage Manager: Cynthia Bentley
    • Assistant Stage Manager: Jennifer Harvey
    • Theater Technicians: Garrett Hyde, Al Chopey, Pete Dursin
    • Set Designers: Craig Allen Mummey, Garrett Hyde
    • Set Painters: Cynthia Bently, Joanne Bauer, Nancy Dall, Jackie Lord
    • Set Dresserr: Cynthia Bentley
    • Sound Designer: Garrett Hyde
    • Lighting Designer: Pete Dursin
    • Technical Assistants: Mike Dunlop, Craig Miller
    • Costume Consultant: Mindy Braden
    • Props Mistress: Michele Hitchcock
    • Assistant Props Mistresses: Adrienne Brown, Jennifer Harvey
    • Dialect Consultant: Darice Clewell
    • Set Construction crew: Garrett Hyde, Pete Dursin, Craig Miller, Cynthia Bentley, Duane Rouch, Roy Peterson, Patrick Ready, Joanne Bauer, Keith Brown, Eddie Arredondo, James McDaniel, Nancy Dall, Tom Smith, Hank Drahos, Rich Fogg
    • Voice Recording: Michael Gilmore, Ron Hitchkock
    • Graphic Designer: Kent Winterson
    • Photographer: R.A.R.E. Photographic
    • Videographer: Dove Video
    • Program/Publicity: Janice Coffey
    • Webmaster: Myron Cramer
    • House Manager: Joanne Bauer
    • Tickets/Postcards: Galen Menne
    • Lobby Design: Janice Coffey, Tania Rosa Bindhoff
    • Printer: Landover Printing
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