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Arlington Players Joseph and The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

By • Sep 22nd, 2007 • Category: Reviews

Listen to our review of the Arlington Players’ production of Joseph and The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat [MP3 5:44 2.6MB].

Laura: This is the ShowBiz review of Joseph and The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, performed by the Arlington Players in Arlington, Virginia. We saw the opening night performance on Friday, September 21, 2007.

Mike: Yes, we saw Joseph yet again. I think this is the third time we’ve seen it performed by a community theater in the Virginia, DC area this year. It’s just one of those shows that kind of goes through a cycle. They did a pretty good job with it. The set was incredible. The dancing was incredible. There were some technical glitches that did mar the evening.

Laura: The choreography was incredible. Choreographer was Richelle “Rikki” Howie. She did a great job. She was out there on stage just moving and dancing. It was really good. Unfortunately there were some sound issues. Jacob seemed to start talking and then they would turn his mike on. Even the Narrator had some sound issues going on and off.

Mike: I think a lot of the characters had some sound problems. It wasn’t real consistent. Sometimes they were really nice and crisp and other times the mikes started late or were over modulated when they were yelling and screaming. It came across as a screech. That really did detract from the show.

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat is a musical written by Tim Rice; music by Andrew Lloyd Webber. It’s the retelling of the biblical story of Joseph. A young man whose brothers are jealous of his ability to tell the future. They feel threatened by it because he is predicting that for some reason he will be worshipped by the brothers. They decide to kill him, but instead of going through with it they sell him as a slave to a band of passing Ishmaelites. Joseph ends up in Egypt and through no fault of his own ends up in prison. One thing leads to another and he is released from prison and becomes an assistant to the pharaoh. A famine strikes the land and the brothers are starving so they go to Egypt to get some food and end up before Joseph.

Laura: This production had just one Narrator, played by Temple Fortson. She had a good time with it. She had lots of energy. She had a lot of excitement. She had a very nice voice. That carried well during the times when they didn’t quite have the mikes on in time, you could still hear her. I thought she did a good job.

Mike: There were a few times when her voice, when she was shifting from a really high sound to a more conversational singing of the song, her voice didn’t respond quickly to that. That might just be a training issue. As she does more singing it will get even better.

Laura: The role of Joseph was played by Ryan L. Shaffer. He also did a very good job. He had a good powerful voice. Again sometimes he was over modulated. Sometimes his mike didn’t quite come on in time. He played the part differently than in some of the past show we’ve seen. In those shows the role of Joseph has been innocent and fun loving and doesn’t understand what’s happening with the brothers. This show I got kind of a different feel about Joseph.

Mike: He did seem a little more aware of what was going on and a little less innocent. You didn’t quite see as much growth in him as in some of the other productions we’ve seen. One scene where he really wasn’t as innocent, but was very well done was when he was fighting off the advances of Potiphar’s Wife, played by Shannon Perkey. She did a great job with that scene. It was very well choreographed. I liked how it just worked together. Then when Potiphar stormed in it was very nicely done.

Laura: This was a big cast, with lots of doubling up of various roles. A large cast. A good group of kids that were equally as enthusiastic. All of the voices I thought blended really nicely.

Mike: It was a huge cast. Unfortunately that meant some of the male roles were played by females. This just underscores the fact that we need more men in local theater. It didn’t detract at all. It was just the way it was, and it worked out fine.

Laura: The set for Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat was amazing. The set, scenic painting and drop designer was Jared Davis.

Mike: There weren’t a lot of props. A lot of the things that could have been done with props were mimed by the actors. They did a really good job with the sacks at the end when Joseph gave his brothers food. The cup that was used which was planted in Benjamin’s sack was very nicely done. I liked how they arranged that scene. The set was incredible. I’m not going to give it away. The way they used the fly space. The basic set design. Some sloped platforms and some other bonus items that happened were a surprise and I think they did a great job with that set.

Laura: Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat was about an hour and thirty-five minutes long with one intermission. It is playing through Saturday October 6th, Friday and Saturdays at 8 and Sunday matinees at 2:30 pm at the Thomas Jefferson Theatre in Arlington, Virginia.

Mike: If you’ve seen the show, we’d love to hear your comments. Feel free to email us or you can leave your thoughts here on the website. We’d also like to invite you to join our mailing list. It’s free and it will keep you up to date on ShowBizRadio, including our audition listing, reviews and interviews that we publish.

Laura: And now, on with the show.

Photo Gallery

Jacob and Sons Jacob and Sons
Jacob and Sons
Jacob and Sons
Ryan Schaffer (Joseph), Bob Chaves (Jacob) Ryan Schaffer (Joseph) with Ishmalites, Rose Thorne (Paris), Libby Dasbach (Lindsey) and Lauren D. Sinsheimer (Britney)
Ryan Schaffer (Joseph), Bob Chaves (Jacob)
Ryan Schaffer (Joseph) with Ishmalites, Rose Thorne (Paris), Libby Dasbach (Lindsey) and Lauren D. Sinsheimer (Britney)
One More Angel in Heaven – Roberta Chaves (Angel) Ryan Schaffer (Joseph) and Shannon Perkey (Potiphar’s Wife)
One More Angel in Heaven – Roberta Chaves (Angel)
Ryan Schaffer (Joseph) and Shannon Perkey (Potiphar’s Wife)
Close Every Door featuring Ryan Schaffer (Joseph) and the Children’s Chorus The Brothers Come to Egypt
Close Every Door featuring Ryan Schaffer (Joseph) and the Children’s Chorus
The Brothers Come to Egypt
Any Dream Will Do featuring Temple Fortson (Narrator) and Ryan Schaffer (Joseph)
Any Dream Will Do featuring Temple Fortson (Narrator) and Ryan Schaffer (Joseph)

Photos provided by The Arlington Players.


  • Narrator: Temple Fortson
  • Joseph: Ryan L. Schaffer
  • Jacob: Bob Chaves
  • Brothers
    • Napthali: Diana S. Chau
    • Judah: Rae Edmonson
    • Reuben: Francis Gutierrez
    • Isaachar: Lexi Haddad
    • Dan: Mike Holland
    • Gad: Richelle “Rikki” Howie
    • Simeon: Jean Koppen
    • Benjamin: Billy Puschel
    • Levi: Joshua Swartz
    • Asher: Margie Remmers
    • Zebulon: Richard Yingling
  • Ishmalites
    • Lindsey: Libby Dasbach
    • Britney: Lauren D. Sinshmeiner
    • Paris: Rose Thorne
  • Angel: Roberta Chaves
  • Potiphar: Joshua Swartz
  • Potiphar’s Wife: Shannon Perkey
  • Baker: Jean Koppen
  • Butler: Diana S. Chau
  • Pharoah: Rae Edmonson
  • Pharoah’s Sons: Alex Stone, Nick Stone
  • The Wives/Ensemble: Aziza Alam, Roberta Chavez, Libby Dasbach, Carey Faulkner, Rachel Morrissey, Shannon Perkey, Lauren D. Sinschmeier, Rose Thorne, M.C. Wolfe
  • Children’s Chorus/Ensemble: Sofia Campoamor, EmmaJane Lilburne, Katie Puschel, Morgan Sendek, Alex stone, Nick Stone, Kelly Willner


  • Conductor: William d. Parker, (Oct. 5 & 6 performances) Ranae Smith
  • Keyboard 1: Laurie Morman
  • Reed 1: Gwyn Jones, Renae Smith
  • Reed 2: Dana Gardner
  • Trumpet: Paul Weiss
  • Horn: Deb Kline
  • Guitar: Rick Peralta
  • Bass Guitar: David Burelli
  • Drum Set: Peter O’Konski


  • Producer: Sherri Haddad
  • Director: Rick Hayes
  • Music Director: William D. Parker
  • Choreographer: Richelle “Rikki” Howie
  • Stage Manager: Christine Farrell
  • Set, Scenic Painting and Drop Designs: Jared Davis
  • Master Carpenter: Peter Finkel
  • Special Effects Design: Pete Silvia
  • Costume Design: Ceci Albert
  • Lighting Design: Jeffery Scott Auberach
  • Sound Design: Edwin D. Morman
  • Properties Design: Michele Bell
  • Makeup and Hair Design: Ruby DeVine
  • Set Decoration: Rick Warfield
  • Assistant Stage Manager: Robert C. Bates
  • Curtain Call Music Arrangement: Pat Jarvis
  • Specials Lighting Consultant: AnnMarie Castrigno
  • Costume Assistant: Rosemary Hartman
  • Props Assistant: Traci L. Bennett
  • Set Construction Crew: Bob Bell, Mike deBlois, Hank Drahos, Dick Garey, William Kolodrubetz, Debbie Peetz, Arthur Pleasants, Bob Timmerman, Bill Wisniewski
  • Set Painting Crew: The Set Construction Crew, Geoff Baskir, Jennifer Blanton, Michele Campoamor, Sofia Campoamor, Jared Davis, Temple Forston, Barbara Esquibel, Lexi Haddad, EmmaJane Lilburne, Peter A. Nerenstone, Joshua Schwartz, Rick Warfield, Kelly Willner, Ken Willner
  • Lighting Technician: Jim Clements
  • Flyrail Crew Chief: Peter A. Nerenstone
  • Flyrail Crew: Bill Rippey
  • Light Board Operator: Joni Hughes
  • Follow Spot: Heather Cipu, Robert Timmerman
  • Rehearsal Pianist: Laurie Morman
  • Auditions: Ceci Albert, Traci Bennett, Carol Strachan
  • Box Office/Front of House: William D. Parker, Christopher Smith, Ed Wilde
  • Marketing Campaign/Logo Design/Program: Dave Moretti
  • Campaign Photography: Fredo Alvarez
  • Company/Press Photography: Michael deBlois
  • Lobby Display: Dave Moretti
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  1. just wondering…my daughter has a call back for the role of angel, in the cutc production of Joseph…

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