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Talkback with the Cast and Crew of Elden Street Player’s Side Show

By • Aug 5th, 2007 • Category: Backstage, Interviews

Listen to the cast and crew of Elden Street Players’ Side Show talk about the show [MP3 10:00 2.9MB].

Questions discussed:

0:16 Is it more difficult to do an opera/operetta like Side Show or the classic musical with spoken dialogue and musical numbers?”

1:13 We were wondering what the various freaks were?

1:56 This is directed toward Jen and Katie. How long did it take for you two to master the moves of going around and being connected without stepping on each other or tripping over each other?

2:40 When you guys get separated at the end, do you find you miss each other?

2:51 Who is the biggest freak in the cast?

3:01 How do you start pulling a cast that is this large together to do a show like this? How long does it take? When do you start? What are some of the things you do at the beginning? Do you start right with the complete work or do you do some other things to get the cast to grow together?

4:02 In reading through the program, I noticed that this is based on true characters. Did people in the cast go and look up characters to research for their characters. Not only with the main cast members, but also with the ensemble to make it more realistic and coherent to the period of the time?

7:09 What are your favorite parts of the show?

8:15 When was Side Show on Broadway?

8:20 What was your favorite part of the show?

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