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Port Tobacco Players The Pajama Game

By • Jul 14th, 2007 • Category: Reviews

Listen to our review of Port Tobacco Players’ The Pajama Game [MP3 3:57 1.1MB].

Mike: Hi this is Mike. Last night I attended a production of Port Tobacco PlayersThe Pajama Game in La Plata, Maryland.

Laura: The Pajama Game is a musical with book by George Abbott and Richard Bissell, Music and Lyrics by Richard Adler & Jerry Ross. Based on the novel 7 1/2 Cents by Richard Bissell. The story deals with labor problems in a pajama factory where workers’ demand for a 7 1/2 cent raise are going unheeded. In the midst of this ordeal love blossoms between Babe, the Complaint Committee head and Sid, a new factory superintendent from Chicago.

Mike: I had a very good time watching this show. The audience, too seemed to enjoy themselves. It seemed like the cast was having a great time up on stage. I would like to thank the Port Tobacco Players for letting me come so late in the run. The show does close tomorrow afternoon. We were supposed to come opening weekend, but unfortunately I got sick. So thank them for letting me come out so late. I’m glad I did. It was a pretty good show.

The main characters were Sid and Babe. Sid was the shop foreman played by Robert Eversberg. He did an ok job. His voice wasn’t quite up to the task for some of the songs. Some of the notes he had to sing were held for a long time and he couldn’t quite hold that. He tried really hard with it. The acting was fine. His notes in the playbill it said this was his first time dancing. He did ok with that. I commend him for giving it the good old try.

Babe, one of the workers at the Sleep Tite Factory was played by Meagan Ragland. She had a great voice. I really enjoyed listening to her. She also had a great presence on stage. She just drew everybody’s eyes to her the whole time in all the numbers. The scenes that she had with the other girls on the shop floor were really good. I really liked the character and I really liked how she made it come alive.

This really was a large cast. Pretty much everybody did a good job. One person that stood out for me was one of the smaller parts, Mae, played by Aubrey Joyce. She was one of the shop floor workers. There was a scene where Prez (Derek T. Pickens) got interested in her. She had a good song with him called “Her Is.” I just really had a fun time. Her character was a lot of fun. It was a surprise because I really wasn’t expecting a lot from the extras on stage. She did a good job with it.

The show did have a quick pace. One number was the “Once a Year Day” which was the company picnic. That number seemed a little bit long, but it was very energetic. People were dancing all over the stage. They were playing baseball and they were doing different things at the picnic. It just didn’t stop moving, you really kind of got breathless watching it not knowing what they were going to do next.

The choreography was top notch. There were tons of different types of dance-type movement going on. The choreographer was Brooke L. Howells. She did a good job. I’m sure for a lot of these people this is the first time having to do such dances as they were doing. One number “Steam Heat” which opened the second act was really good. Again, I didn’t know what to expect. The three performers, unfortunately I don’t have their names, did a good job with it. I really liked it.

There were also a lot of different scenes so there were lots of scene changes. The Set Designer was Chuck Carns and Tessa N. Silvestro. They did a good job. One piece that was off on stage right was an entire set piece that would wheel in. It served as both Babe’s house and as the office for the Sleep Tite factory. When they would pull it off stage they would change some things on it and slide it back out for the next scene. That was a really good use of space. It made it simple to do the scene changes.

Laura: The Pajama Game plays tonight at 8 pm and closes tomorrow afternoon at 3 pm at the Port Tobacco Players theater in La Plata, Maryland. The show runs about two and a half hours with one intermission.

Mike: And now, on with the show.

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  1. Glad you liked it Mike and Laura!!! Thanks for reviewing us! I wasn’t in the cast, but doing crew! (What a multi-talented kid I am!)