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NoVa Woodbridge Theatre Group Noises Off

By • Jul 13th, 2007 • Category: Reviews

Listen to our review of the NoVa Woodbridge Theatre Group production of Noises Off [MP3 4:50 1.4MB].

Laura: This evening we saw the final dress rehearsal of the Summer production of Noises Off performed by the NoVa Woodbridge Theatre Group at the Northern Virginia Community College Woodbridge Campus in Woodbridge, Virginia.

Mike: Noises Off is a farce by Michael Frayn. The show Noises Off focuses on the behind the scene happenings of the British play Nothing On. You get to see the final dress rehearsal, then a behind the scenes at an actual production of the show. It all goes down hill from there. The farce within the farce is really funny.

Laura: Mike and I got to attend the final dress rehearsal this evening. It was a very small audience. I think there were four of us. The kids looked like they were having a really good time. There were some stage issues and some line issues and things like that that I know will get worked out. Once they have a live audience I think the adrenalin will kick in and they’ll do a really good job. They had a lot of fun tonight. I enjoyed watching them.

Mike: One of the really good things about doing a show like Noises Off is you don’t know when they’re messing up. There’s so much in the script where the performers on stage are supposed to mess up, that when they did we weren’t quite sure if it was a mess up or not. The cast worked really hard tonight. Since the audience was so small we tried to laugh noticeably, but it sounded kind of fake. I hope that didn’t throw them off. I did have a good time watching the show.

Laura: Brooke Ashton was played by Christine Gahagan. In the play within a play, Nothing On, she was Vicki. She did a very good job. She just had a very nice presence on stage. She related to the other characters well. The second act which was the behind the scenes, she had big exuberant movements and things like that. It was just really funny to watch her.

Mike: Poppy Norton-Taylor, the Assistant Stage Manager, was played by Liz Long. She did a really good job. She was nervous about the times she had to be the understudy. The second act when we got to see the behind the scenes of the show Nothing On, she was at her stage manger table with the script so that she could follow what was going on for the cues. She had a little area set up there that would keep her calm. She had a snow globe which she would shake up when she got stressed. She had lots of little mannerisms. I really liked how she made that part her own and brought lots of small little mannerisms to the character of Poppy.

Laura: Belinda Blair was played by Tory Ritter. In the play within the play she was the wealthy Flavia Brent. She also did a very good job. She just had a wonderful time trying to keep everything together. She was sort of the informal stage manager, keeping everything running smoothly back stage. She also had the big sweeping gestures. She was tearing around stage in the second act trying to keep one of the other characters from going off and imbibing a little too much whiskey. Unfortunately she was not able to keep him from doing that. She had a really good time and I just really like watching her on stage.

Mike: The set for Noises Off was very challenging. The entire second act takes place backstage. During the first intermission the entire set needs to be rotated. After the Second Act the entire set needs to be rotated again so you can see the front of the stage. Another challenge is the theater at NoVa Woodbridge is extremely short, it’s only about nine feet tall. It’s not too deep, but that wasn’t a problem. It was more the height. The set calls for a two story set. They did manage to do that. The set was designed by Alejandro Matais, Brett Bartosavage, John Furry, and Tory Ritter. I think they did a pretty good job with the small space that is available at that theater.

Laura: There was a wide range of acting experience on the stage tonight. You had those actors that this was their first show as well as actors who had done multiple community theater roles. It was really interesting to see how everybody came together. It gelled well.

Mike: Noises Off is playing at the Northern Virginia Community College Woodbridge Campus. Opening on Friday night playing through Sunday the 22nd. Fridays and Saturdays at 8 pm and Sunday matinees at 2 pm.

Laura: The show was about two hours and fifteen minutes with two intermissions.

Mike: And now, on with the show.


  • Dotty Otley (Mrs. Clackett): Janet Klayton
  • Lloyd Dallas, The Director: Andre Wilson
  • Garry LeJeune (Roger Templeman): Aaron Spicka
  • Brooke Ashton (Vicki): Christine Gahagan
  • Poppy Norton Taylor, Assistant Stage Manager: Liz Long
  • Frederick Fellowes (Phillip Brent): Alejandro Matais
  • Belinda Blair (Flavia Brent): Tory Ritter
  • Tim Allgood, Company Stage Manager: Jessica Barnett
  • Selsdon Mobray (Burglar) Michael Green


  • Director: E.W. Trumbull
  • Assistant Director: Sara Feinberg
  • Costumes: Tory Ritter
  • Props: Christine Gahagan
  • Lights: John Furry
  • Tech Crew: John Furry
  • Set Design and Construction: Alejandro Matais, Brett Bartosavage, John Furry, Tory Ritter
  • Scene Painting: Christine Gahagan, Tory Ritter
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