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Laurel Mill Playhouse Inherit the Wind

By • Jul 5th, 2007 • Category: Reviews

Listen to our review of Laurel Mill Playhouse’s production of Inherit the Wind [MP3 2:56 860K].

Laura: Saturday night we saw Laurel Mill Playhouse‘s production of Inherit the Wind in Laurel, Maryland.

Mike: Inherit the Wind is a play by Jerome Lawrence and Robert E. Lee. It’s a fictionalized account of the 1925 Scope’s Trial which resulted in Scopes’ conviction for teaching Charles Darwins’ theory of evolution to a high school science class. This is a fictionalized telling of the story of the trial. It’s not quite history, but it’s not quite fiction as well.

Laura: Laurel Mill Playhouse set out to do an ambitious show with Inherit the Wind. Unfortunately I don’t think they quite lived up to it’s potential.

Mike: Unfortunately I don’t think this show was quite all it could have been. If anything it was really difficult to do having that large a cast on the stage at one time. The performing area at the Laurel Mill Playhouse is really quite small and by the time they added in walls and furniture for the courtroom there just wasn’t room for 20 plus people on stage at one time. It really looked cramped. A lot of the acting was quite stiff. The show just never really gelled or got into a good rhythm.

Laura: The role of Henry Drummond who is based off of Clarence Darrow was played by Louis B. Murray. It’s interesting because Friday evening down in Silver Spring Maryland we saw a show called Never the Sinner also involving Clarence Darrow.

Mike: I think Louis Murray as Henry Drummond did a really good job in that role. He was just fiery enough and compassionate enough at the same time to really make that character sympathetic and you really wanted him to succeed at the trial. I enjoyed watching him on stage.

Laura: It felt to me like the characters were up there reciting their lines instead of really getting involved and caught up in the moment and making themselves seem believable to us. I really didn’t care about any of them because they didn’t seem believable. They were just standing up there saying their lines.

Mike: At one point there was an outburst in the courtroom and the judge had to get order. So he rapped his gavel on the bench and then he said, “We’ll have (pause) order please.” It just didn’t work and there was some snickering in the audience. That was happening in a lot of scenes throughout the show. That was a disappointment.

Laura: Inherit the Wind is playing through Saturday July 21. Friday and Saturday at 8 and Sunday at 2pm at the Laurel Mill Playhouse in Laurel, Maryland.

Mike: The show is about two hours and fifteen minutes long with one fifteen minute intermission.

Laura: And now, on with the show.

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