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Fauquier Community Theatre Wait Until Dark

By • Jul 17th, 2007 • Category: Reviews

Listen to our review of the Fauquier Community Theatre production of Wait Until Dark [MP3 2:41 840K].

Laura: Friday evening I saw the opening night performance of Wait Until Dark performed by Fauquier Community Theatre in Warrenton, Virginia.

Mike: Wait Until Dark is a play by Frederick Knott. It’s a mystery thriller. The main character is Susy, a blind housewife. She’s become a target of three thugs who are looking for a hidden doll that has some drugs inside. There are lots of twists and turns as the con men change their identities to try to trick Susy into helping them with the doll.

Laura: This was a pretty intense show. It was a youngish audience that was there last night and had not seen the show before. Listening to their reaction was actually a lot of fun to see the gasps and the “Oh my goshes” as the play progressed was really interesting. Everybody did a pretty good job. There was a bit of a wide range of acting in lasts nights show. It was opening night so there were some opening night jitters. It took them a little bit to warm up to the action going on on stage. Over all they did a good job.

Sgt. Carlino was played by Sam Hale. He did a pretty good job. He was one of the thugs that had broken into the house to try to steal the doll. He did a good job in trying to make Susy believe he was a sergeant, but watching the expression on her face about what was going on. He was wanting just to find the doll and get the heck out of there were really believable.

Susy Hendrix, the blind woman, was played by Angelica Reeve. She did a pretty good job. I didn’t quite believe that she was blind. I know if you’re not blind that’s hard to do. There were times when I felt that she was looking at the other actors instead of kind of off into space.

The set for Wait Until Dark was well done. It was pretty detailed. There was a raised platform that showed the kitchen area. Then you had the living room and the doors going off into the bedroom and bathroom and places like that. They did have a screen that was sort of like a window shade that the bad guys used to signal each other so that the bad guys would know when to come in and out. All in all it was pretty interesting. The set designer was Tommy Dickerson. It was really well done and very detailed.

Mike: The show runs almost two and a half hours long with one intermission. It plays through Sunday the 22nd. Friday and Saturday nights at 8 and Sunday matinee at 2 pm at The Theatre at Vint Hill.

Laura: And now, on with the show.


  • Mike Talman: Zak Ellington
  • Sgt. Carlino: Sam Hale
  • Roat Jr, Sr.: Blake Wood
  • Susy Hendrix: Angelica Reeve
  • Sam Hendrix: John Weathers
  • Gloria: Hannah Abeel
  • Police Officers: Brandon Dawson, Drew Pendergast, Richard Perryman


  • Producer: Stephanie Duval
  • Director: Richard Perryman
  • Stage Manager: Kaichen McRae
  • Stage Hands: Teresa Gray, Katie Yancey
  • Set Designer: Tommy Dickerson
  • Set Foreman: Jess Ashby, Richard Perryman
  • Set Dresser: Liz Wyld
  • Set Painter: Teresa Gray, Kaichen McRae
  • Special Painting: Bethany Ellington
  • Set Construction: Jess Ashby, Richard Perryman, Colin Pierce, Evan Pierce
  • Props Manager: Sarah Schneider
  • Costumes: Cast
  • Mke-up: Erin Briner & Cast
  • Light Designer: Jess Ashby
  • Light Technician: Colin Pierce
  • Sound Designer: Teresa Gray
  • Sound Technician: Evan Pierce
  • Music Composer: Zach Hale
  • Music Director: RJ Haynes
  • Orchestra: RJ Haynes, Zach Hale
  • FCT Liaisons: Evelyn Rice, Rich Mulder
  • Box Office: Dee Faulconer
  • House Manager: Krista Lawler
  • Opening Night Reception: Katie Childers
  • Photography: Chris Moorehead
  • Poster Design: Ian Heflin
  • Program Design: Mike Waters
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