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Port City Playhouse The Smell of the Kill

By • Jun 21st, 2007 • Category: Reviews

Listen to our review of Port City Playhouse’s The Smell of the Kill [MP3 4:06 1.2MB].

Laura: Tuesday evening we saw Port City Playhouse‘s The Smell of the Kill in Alexandria, Virginia.

Mike: The Smell of the Kill is a comedy by Michele Lowe. It takes place in a suburban kitchen. Nicky, Molly, and Debra are social friends. Their husbands went to college together so they are forced together once a month when they all get together. The women don’t get long too well, but they are able to chat nicely. Slowly we learn about the problems they each have with their husbands. Over the course of the evening we learn that Nicky’s husband has bought a meat locker. He takes his friends down to see the meat locker and the meat that he’s been hunting. Unfortunately, the men get trapped in the meat locker leaving the women to decide if they should open the door or not.

Laura: Very funny show. Recommend that you go see this. You will laugh a lot. It was just really well executed. The timing, the pacing was great. There was some physical action and it was a lot of fun.

Mike: This show was a lot of fun. I think the women in the audience enjoyed it a little more than the men. All in all it seemed that everybody was having a good time with it. Again this is another example of a show that was cast really well. I think the three actresses did a great job and the show was very enjoyable.

Laura: Nicky was played by Margaret Bush. She was the host for the evening with the other two women who were basically stuck in the kitchen while their husbands reminisced about their old college days. She did a great job. She was obviously the very angry woman trying to keep her affairs in order, even though her husband was having some legal issues. She was very angry, but very vibrant at the same time. She had a great personality and it really came across well. One thing I liked in watching Margaret Bush is she is such a versatile actress. We saw her in a performance of The Gin Game where she played Fonsia. A very different role from this one, but she carried it of really well.

Mike: Molly was played by Katie Gentic. Her problem with her husband was that he didn’t want children and she desperately did. Her desperation really showed through. Especially when she was obsessing over Nicky’s infant son. I really liked her devilish expression a couple times during the show when she was pondering what life would be like after the meat locker incident.

Laura: Debra was played by Gail Seavey. She was funny in her own way. She was so meek, wanting to put up the facade that everything was perfect. Her husband was perfect, her life was perfect. As the other two women talked more and more they discovered that all is not as it seems even though Debra was trying so desperately to keep everything on the up and up. She had some great expressions that were just so funny to watch when she was talking about another one of the women who she didn’t like. It was just really a pleasure to see her in this role.

Mike: The entire show took place in Nicky’s kitchen. It was a very upscale house. The set was designed by Jarret Baker. It was very nice. There were some nice touches that you won’t notice until later in the show when they are pointed out. The entire set was donated to the Port City Playhouse and they are selling it. If you want some nice conversational pieces in your entire kitchen this would be an opportunity.

Laura: The Smell of the Kill is playing for one more weekend. Friday and Saturday at 8 at the Lee Center For the Performing Arts in Alexandria, Virginia. Recommend that you go see this show. One word of caution, there is some language and adult situations. There is also a gun shot. Be prepared for that, but do recommend you go see this how. It is really funny.

Mike: The show is about an hour and fifteen minutes with no intermission. It moves along quite snappily and I think you’ll have a good time with it.

Laura: And now, on with the show.


  • Nicky: Margaret Bush
  • Molly: Katie Gentic
  • Debra: Gail Seavey
  • Jay: K. Clayton
  • Danny: C. Evans Kirk
  • Marty: Cal Whitehurst and Ron Field


  • Producer: Jamie Blake
  • Director: Scott Olson
  • Stage Manager: Carlyn Lightfoot
  • Set Design/Construction/Painting/Dressing: Jarret Baker
  • Properties: Pat Jannell
  • Assisted by: Margaret Bush, K. Klayton, Chris Tooley
  • Lighting Design: Jarret Baker
  • Assisted by: Greg Gutierrez, Robert Kraus, Douglas Olmsted
  • Sound Design: Jarret Baker
  • Assisted by: Duane Lomis
  • Costume Design: Maggie Bush, Katie Gentic, Gail Seavey
  • Graphic Design: Eleni Aldridge
  • Playbill: Jennifer Lyman
  • Photographer: Douglas Olmsted
  • Auditions: Bruce Follmer, Barbara Helsing, Dawna Kasper, Joan Silver, Margaret Snow
  • Publicity: Cal Whitehurst
  • Load-in: Don Williams
  • Assisted by: Jarret Baker, K. klayton, Bruce Follmer, Pat Jannell, C. Evans Kirk, Bette Williams
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