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Montgomery Playhouse Rough Crossing

By • Jun 15th, 2007 • Category: Reviews

Listen to our review of Montgomery Playhouse’s production of Rough Crossing [MP3 3:59 1.1MB].

Laura: Sunday afternoon we saw Montgomery Playhouse‘s production of Rough Crossing in Gaithersburg, Maryland.

Mike: Rough Crossing is a play written by Tom Stoppard. It takes place on board a ship heading to the United States. On board are the cast and crew of the new Broadway musical comedy The Cruise of the Dodo. Unfortunately, the script for the show has not been finished yet so they are hard at work finishing it. Complications abound when an affair is discovered leading to a massive rewrite of the final scene of the show.

Laura: This show didn’t do much for me. The acting was good. It had its funny moments. There were some funny lines. All in all I thought it was kind of boring and just really didn’t enjoy myself.

Mike: I have to say I agree with that. I just didn’t quite get the show. There were some funny bits in it and there was a fair amount of laughter from the audience. There were lots of parts where it seemed really forced and the climactic scene at the end with the ship being in the storm. It felt really forced. I had a hard time getting into this show. I really liked the steward. I felt he was a pretty funny performer. Some of the ongoing gags were pretty good. Unfortunately the show really didn’t do much for me.

Laura: Sandor Turai, the playwright for the Cruise of the Dodo, was played by Roger Stone. He did a pretty good job. The poor man was desperate for a drink of cognac and every time the Steward would come in something would interrupt what was going on and he wasn’t able to get that drink. He was really frustrated and overwhelmed trying to please his stars. Over all he did a pretty good job. He had some pretty funny lines.

Mike: The ship’s steward Dvornichek, also known as Murphy, was played by Bruce Kaplan. I think he did a pretty good job with the role. It was a very funny part. He was very subservient and very helpful to the guests on the ship. He also had a lot of the show’s best lines. He would misinterpret questions. He didn’t know anything about ships. He kind of joked about how he got the job on the ship. I think he did a fine job.

Laura: The leading man, Adam Adam, was played by Andy Greenleaf. He also did a good job. He had the speech impediment down pretty pat. It was interesting to watch and see at what point it went away. He played the nervous, uptight leading man trying to get through the scene and get his love affair in order. He was pretty funny, too.

Mike: The entire show took place in one room on board the ship. There was a grand piano, some furniture. Nice large windows in the back that overlooked the railing to overlook the ocean. And several pictures along the walls. It worked very well. There were several entrances that were nicely used.

One thing that disappointed me was that near the end of the show there is a storm and the ship is rumored to be sinking. Everybody is staggering around the stage. It seemed like the paintings should be moving on the walls or maybe water splashing against the windows from the railing outside. None of that was done. Also if there had been a storm maybe the lights out back would have been darker or had changed somewhat. That didn’t happen so that was a bit disappointing. The actors did do a good job staggering through the storm.

Laura: Rough Crossing is playing through June 24th. Friday and Saturday at 8 PM and Sunday matinees at 2 PM at the at the Rosborough Center at the Asbury United Methodist Village in Gaithersburg, Maryland.

Mike: The show is two hours long with one intermission and one brief pause.

Laura: And now, on with the show.

Photo Gallery

Flying Malinda Smith, Jim Camlek, Roger Stone
Malinda Smith, Jim Camlek, Roger Stone
Andy Greenleaf & Malinda Smith Breakfast Order
Andy Greenleaf & Malinda Smith
Breakfast Order
Champagne Dancing

Photos by Kay Coupe


  • Sandor Turai: Roger Stone
  • Dvornichek: Bruce Kaplan
  • Adam: Andy Greenleaf
  • Alexa Guy: Jane MacFarlane
  • Natasha Navratilova: Malinda Smith
  • Ivor Fish: Jim Camlek


  • Producer: Kay Coupe
  • Director: Lisa Holland Anderson
  • Assistant Director: Jean Aviles
  • Stage Manager: Mary Alexander
  • Set Design/Master Carpenter: David Jones
  • Set Construction Crew: Joy Wyne, Nancy Davis, Jim Camlek, Kay Coupe, Donna Dangle, Paul Shoop, Lisa Holland Anderson
  • Lighting Design: John Hutson
  • Lighting Execution: George Fitel
  • Sound Design: Paul Shoop
  • Sound Execution: Debbie Shelley
  • Properties: Jim Camlek, Kay Coupe, Lisa Holland Anderson
  • Stage Crew: Melinda Fisher, Gracie Cohen, John Henry
  • Costumes: Jane MacFarlane, Malinda Smith, Roxanne Stone, Cast
  • Photography: Kay Coupe
  • Program Cover Artwork: Brian Terry
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