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Encore Stage and Studio Redwall: The Legend of Redwall Abbey

By • Jun 6th, 2007 • Category: Reviews

Listen to our review of Encore Stage and Studio’s the Children’s Theatre production of Redwall: The Legend of Redwall Abbey [MP3 3:33 1.1MB].

Laura: Saturday afternoon we saw Encore Stage and Studio‘s the Children’s Theatre production of Redwall: The Legend of Redwall Abbey at the Thomas Jefferson Community Theatre in Arlington, Virginia.

Mike: Redwall: The Legend of Redwall Abbey is a musical by Evelyn Swenson based on the book Redwall by Brian Jaques. This musical tells the tale of a courageous mouse, Matthias, and how he saves the abbey from the cruel rat, Cluny the Scourge. As the Redwallers gather to honor their abbot and remember their hero, Martin the Warrior, the mice sing about their happy life. They are interrupted by the singing rats bragging about their leader as the scrappiest, scruffiest, rowdiest, raunchiest rat in history. Cluny demands that the abbot give him the abbey but little Matthias rips apart the articles of surrender. Cluny leaves, but threatens to return.

Laura: These kids did a really great job. Definitely a wide range of acting. You could kind of tell the ones that this was their first show as well as the more seasoned veterans who had done this several times before by their presence on stage and their stage direction. All in all they all had a really good time. I enjoyed watching them. It’s neat to think that in ten years or so these are the kids that are going to be in community theater in the DC metro region.

Mike: This was an interesting show. It was definitely showcasing a lot of children who are just getting started in the theater. That’s fine. They have to get started somewhere. There was a wide rage of talent on stage. Some of the performers did a really good job. Some you could see them counting and remembering their steps and their lines. But I think they all got through it fine. There were no obvious huge mistakes. The battle scenes were nicely choreographed. I think they did a lot of work keeping the stage combat looking realistic. The stage combat and director of the show was Matthew Heap.

Laura: There was one scene that was really well done. I don’t remember if it was the first or the second act. There was a slow motion escape scene when the squirrel was trying to get back to Redwall Abbey. It was very well choreographed. Everything was in slow motion, but you knew what was happening. I think the kids did a great job.

Mike: That scene did get a round of applause from the audience. They appreciated the work involved in that funny scene, yet still a serious scene at the same time.

Laura: This is definitely a good show to bring youngsters to to get them introduced to the world of the theater. Definitely a kid friendly show. All ages, I think will get a lot out of it.

Mike: You should be aware that there are some adult themes in this; death as the major one as well as violence. It’s not quite cartoon violence. They are using plastic swords and what looks like broomsticks at times. There is some violence, but it’s all done cartoonish and not dwelled upon.

Laura: Redwall: The Legend of Redwall Abbey is playing through June 10. Friday at 7:30 pm. Saturday at 3 and 7:30 pm and Sunday at 3 pm at the Thomas Jefferson Community Theatre in Arlington Virginia.

Mike: The show was about an hour and forty five minutes long with one fifteen minute intermission.

Laura: And now, on with the show.

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