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Tantallon Community Players Mame

By • May 31st, 2007 • Category: Reviews

Listen to our review of Tantallon Community Players’ production of Mame [MP3 4:27 1.3MB].

Laura: Saturday evening we saw Tantallon Community Players and their production of Mame in Fort Washington, Maryland.

Mike: Mame is a musical with book by Jerome Lawrence and Robert E. Lee, with music and lyrics by Jerry Herman. It is based on the novel, “Auntie Mame” by Patrick Dennis. Mame is the story of Mame Dennis Her life is disrupted when her deceased brother’s son, Patrick, is entrusted to her care. But she is not quite ready for parenthood, so she introduces Patrick to her free wheeling lifestyle.

Laura: This show was so much fun to watch. A lot of dance numbers. Good singing. The choreography was excellent. It was just a lot of fun. A lot of high energy. Mame Dennis just seemed to explode on stage and really seemed to enjoy what she was doing.

Mike: This was a pretty good show. The audience was not really into it in the first act. After the intermission everybody kind of woke up. Pretty much after every dance number and after every song the audience burst into applause. It was a lot of fun. Tantallon did a really good job with this show.

Laura: Mame Dennis was played by Lauren Bloom. As I mentioned earlier she had a great time. You could just see the energy. She really enjoyed doing this part, I think. You could feel how much she cared about her nephew, Patrick. Her singing and dance numbers were great. The only downside was that sometimes the music overshadowed the group numbers. That’s because it’s a music hall. The solos that Mame did were really good.

Mike: Mame’s best friend, Vera Charles, was played by Rikki Howie. She did a great job in this role. Vera Charles was a Broadway singer. The numbers that Howie did were top notch. She is such a talented actress, dancer, singer. I really liked watching her. We’ve seen her in three or four shows now and we need to get to know her better. It was a great part for her and I liked watching the scenes with her a lot.

Laura: There were two actors who played Mame’s nephew. The Young Patrick Dennis was played by Kent Jenkins. The Older Patrick Dennis was played by Matt Dingels. They both did a good job. I felt that the younger, Kent Jenkins, did a little bit better. He seemed to have a little bit more energy. He was a little bit more outgoing. The older Patrick Dennis was a little bit more reserved. He still did a good job. He just didn’t quite give it his all.

Mike: Part of that could be because the older Patrick grew up while Mame was out on her honeymoon traveling the world. When she came back and finally got to see him and meet his fiancee, he had grown up without her. He became more conservative. I think he portrayed that pretty nicely on the change that went while she was out traveling.

Laura: I could see that.

Mike: The set was a very creative design. It was designed by Charla Rowe. It focused mostly on a series of columns that were moved around the stage to represent walls and different partitions. They incorporated the moving of the columns into the dance numbers. I think it worked very well together. At the beginning of the show the columns were in front of the stage and I said to Laura, “I hope those aren’t going to stay there the whole time. They’re blocking a hunk of the stage.” They didn’t so that was good.

Laura: The choreography for Mame was really well done. The choreographer was Christopher Gerken. I liked the choreography towards the end of the first act. You had the fox hunt scene which had a lot of good dancing in it as well as the finale of act one which was also really good. Everybody looked alive and looked like they were having a good time.

Mike: Mame is about two hours and forty-five minutes long with one intermission. It’s playing at the Harmony Hall Regional Center in Fort Washington, Maryland, through Sunday, June 10th. Friday and Saturday nights at 8 PM and Sundays at 2 PM.

Laura: I really recommend this show. It may have some adult themes, but it is a family friendly show and I think you’ll really enjoy it when you go see it.

Mike: And now, on with the show.


  • Mame Dennis: Lauren Bloom
  • Agnes Gooch: Lani Nocak Howe
  • Vera Charles: Rikki Howie
  • Young Patrick Dennis: Kent Jenkins
  • Ralph Devine: Doug Graupman
  • M. Lindsay Woolsey: Steve Dasbach
  • Ito: Alex Tapanya
  • Doorman/Messenger: Jack Donnelly
  • Elevator Boy: Emmanuel Prince
  • Dwight Babcock: Ken Steiner
  • Stage Manager: Larry Carbaugh
  • Fifi Branislovsky: Aziza Alam
  • Gigi Branislovsky: Valerie Holt
  • Beauregard J. P. Burnside: Lance Adell
  • Uncle Jeff: John Battersby
  • Cousin Fan: Sandy Carson
  • Sally Cato: Martha Weaver
  • Mother Burnside: Charla Rowe
  • Older Patrick: Matt Dingels
  • Junior Babcock: Jack Donnely
  • Mr. Upson: Larry Carbaugh
  • Mrs. Upson: Kathy Keough
  • Gloria Upson: Megan O’Connor
  • Pegeen Ryan: Shannon Perkey
  • Peter Dennis: Isaiah Burroughs
  • Adult Ensemble: Aziza Alam, John Battersby, Pat Bonnet, Larry Carbaugh, Sandy Carson, Libby Dasbach, Steve Dasbach, Doug Graupman, Kathy Keough, Joyce Mack, Pat McConkey, Shannon Perkey, Ken Steiner, Martha Weaver
  • Teen Ensemble: Samantha Battersby, Aimee Bonnet, Anna Bonnet, Skylar Clark, Jack Donnelly, Valerie Holt, Emmanuel Prince
  • Children’s Ensemble: Rene Banks, Isaiah Burroughs, Grace Kim, Lydia Kivrak, Maria Miller, Elizabeth Weaver


  • Director: Charla Rowe
  • Producer: Germaine Donnelly
  • Music Director: Charla Rowe
  • Orchestra Director: James Watson
  • Stage Manager: Claire Marberg
  • Choreography: Christopher Gerken
  • Costume Design: Ginnie Bird, Sandy Jenkins,Lauren Bloom
  • Costume Construction: Ginnie Bird, Sandy Jenkins, Lauren Bloom
  • Makeup Design: Cast
  • Hair/Wigs: Cast
  • Properties: Janet Crews assisted by Mary Downs and Lauren Szymanski
  • Set Design: Charla Rowe
  • Master Carpenter: George Roff and Mark Holt
  • Set Construction/Load-In Crew: George Roff, Mark Holt, John Battersby, Jodie Battersby, Samantha Battersby, Anna Bonnet, Doug Graupman, Larry Carbaugh, Geoff Rake, Lauren Szymanski, Marilyn Weaver
  • Set Painting/Dressing: Marilyn Weaver
  • Lighting Design/Engineer: Sheryl Fry
  • Sound Design: Claire Marberg
  • Light & Sound operators: Harmony Hall Staff
  • Spot Light Operator: Laura Carts, Devin Dasbach
  • Running Crew: Jessica DeLort, Lauren Szymanski, Barrett Uhler
  • Program: Jo and Geoff Rake
  • Gala Chairman: Cathy McGarrigan


  • Piano: James Watson
  • Bass: Dotson Burns
  • Trumpet: Paul Weiss
  • Reed: Sean Delany
  • Drums: Dan Spadoni
  • Trumpet: Terry Bradley
  • Reed: Carrie Delaney
  • Guitar: Rob Weaver
  • Trombone: Christopher Bradley
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