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Springfield Community Theatre Children

By • May 10th, 2007 • Category: Reviews

Listen to our review of Springfield Community Theatre’s production of Children [MP3 4:48 1.4MB].

Laura: Sunday evening we saw Springfield Community Theatre‘s production of Children in Annandale, Virginia.

Mike: Children is a play by A. R. Gurney. It takes place at the family’s Summer home in Massachusetts, 4th of July weekend 1970. The family is getting together to celebrate the holiday. The mother has some news to share that will change their lives forever.

Laura: I thought this was a good show. It was a slice of life in America, however things aren’t all that they appear. As the play goes on you find out secrets that the mom has been hiding for many years as well as the daughter. Even the brother and his wife have been keeping secrets from each other. It’s a slice of life that has a sort of twisted dark side to it. But I enjoyed it very much.

Mike: This was a good show. It was really pretty simple. It all took place in one day. There was a lot of tension within the family. Especially when they got the news that Pokey was going to be coming up. Pokey is their brother who hadn’t been there for five years. All of a sudden he decided he needed to come up and see the house and the family. I think everybody did well with their parts. It’s not a real complex show, however at the end when people started falling apart it did get more complicated and involved. I think they were all able to work very well together and the simple set helped keep the focus of the audience on the actors not on anything extra.

Laura: Barbara the daughter was played by Poppy Pritchett. She did a good job. I liked how she was trying to assert her independence even thought she did have children to care for. She was divorced and trying to find a new life for her down at the summer home. The end scene was interesting when everything fell apart and she realized that things were going to change from now on. I liked her emotions.

Mike: Randy, the sports loving brother was played by Wade Corder. He did a pretty good job. He was pretty convincing as the tennis player focusing his life on tennis and keeping fit and and doing sports. At one point in the play they found a book that listed all the games they had played from years ago. I loved the determination that showed on his face when he was remembering the games from years ago. It seemed like he was missing a lot of what was happening right under his nose.

Laura: Barbara and Randy’s mother was played by Susan Garvey. She gave a very strong performance. She was very suave, calm, cool, and collected. Always wanted to keep the family together. She had a good scene at the end when some secrets were told that really impacted how they all feel about each other, but she held it together.

Mike: Randy’s wife Jane was played by Karn Henderson. She was the most complex character in the show. She started out being very supportive of Randy and being, not lovey dovey, but very supportive of the whole family. She had a nice relationship with Barbara her sister-in-law. As the show progressed she started getting frustrated. In the second act she let it boil over. That was fascinating scene. It’s not often you hear someone call themselves a jerk. It was a pretty effective scene when she finally stood up for herself by saying she doesn’t want to do such and such. I think she had the largest change in a character through this show. She was still supportive, but she stood up for herself. That was a nice change for the show. A lot of the conflict came from the other brother, Pokey who showed up. I don’t want to give any of that plot away, but everybody was kind of walking on eggshells around him. I think that contributed a lot to her frustration and her standing up for herself.

Laura: The set for Children was quite effective. The Set Designer was Charlie Brown. You had some wicker chairs and a table and a bench area. It looked like a back porch that you would see in a summer home. I thought it was really well done. Simple but effective.

Mike: The show was two hours long with one intermission. It is playing at the Immanuel United Methodist Church in Annandale, Virginia through Sunday the 13th. Shows are Friday and Saturday night at 8 PM and Sunday the 13th at 5 PM.

Laura: And now, on with the show.


  • Barbara: Poppy Pritchett
  • Randy: Wade Corder
  • Mother: Susan Garvey
  • Jane: Karn Henderson
  • Pokey: Steven Haber


  • Director: Adriana Hardy
  • Producer: Anita Gardiner
  • Stage Manager: Laura Newport
  • Props & Set Dressing: Steven Haber
  • Master Carpenter: August Kruesi
  • Set Designer: Charlie Brown
  • Set Construction: August Kruesi, Dick Garey, Anita Gardiner
  • Set Painters: Ruth Miller, Anita Gardiner
  • Lighting Designer: Chris Hardy
  • Lighting Technicians: Mary Brick, Bob Timmerman, Laura Newport
  • Sound Designer: Dan Stapula
  • Sound technician: Dan Stapula
  • Sound Recordings: Linda Ray Leader, Ron Fields, Steven Haber, Susan Garvey, Poppy Pritchett, Karn Henderson, Wade Corder
  • Program & Flyer: Lorraine Penn
  • Publicity Assistant: Karen Fountain
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