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Reston Community Theatre Museum

By • May 16th, 2007 • Category: Reviews

Listen to our review of Reston Community Theatre’s production of Museum [MP3 4:06 1.2MB].

Laura: Saturday evening we saw Reston Community Theatre‘s production of Museum in Reston, Virginia.

Mike: Museum is a play by Tina Howe, written in 1978. The show takes place on the final day of an exhibition at a museum in New York City. We get to meet the guards and the staff of the museum as well as the many people who come in looking at the exhibit as well as the people who are lost in the museum looking for certain other exhibits. There isn’t much of a plot. It’s more meeting people as they come by and seeing different views of what is art.

Laura: This show was kind of a slice of life. It was really funny. Most of the actors played several different roles. They would go off and change and come back on as totally new characters. Some of them I didn’t recognize when they would come back on until later. It was a really funny show and some really interesting art. One thing I liked was before the show began, they let you go up on stage so you could view the art that was on display.

Mike: This was a very good show. I could definitely go see this again because there was so much going on that you couldn’t see it all. There were lots of nuances with what people were doing in the background. This was one of the few shows I’ve seen where there were extras on stage that finished their lines, but they stayed on stage looking at the art. I really liked that a lot. It was a very easy show to get through. About ninety minutes long with no intermission. It moved right along. I liked it a lot.

Laura: The Guard was played by Eric Paul Kelly. He did a good job. He played the tough, no nonsense guard. At the same time there were times when he appeared bored out of his skull because of all these weird people looking at the art and oohing and ahhing over it and asking dumb questions. He had a nice tap dance number towards the end of the play that was really funny. He had a good expression on his face, especially when people were stealing his clothes pins. He did not appreciate that very much and let them know that.

Mike: The photographer, Michael Wall, was played by Ganesh Kumaraswamy. He did a very good job. I liked his frustration in the opening scene when he was talking with the guard. He had just the right presence on stage. He was taking pictures of the art work eventually and then he started taking pictures of the people watching and interacting with the art work. I really liked how he portrayed his character. He was on stage for almost the entire show along with The Guard. He just melted into the background. Later he needed to be active and in the foreground and he took control of the stage. I really liked it.

Laura: This was a huge cast. There were eighteen actors playing forty different parts. It was really well choreographed. Another cool thing were the special effects. They were really neat. Several different people helped with the special effects, primarily the Chantilly Academy Robotics Team 612. They did a really good job. It was a real surprise ending. I won’t say anymore because you have to go see this show, but you’ll be really impressed.

Mike: This museum had several different levels as well as lots of different art work on the walls and displayed on the floor of the museum. The set was designed by the director, Andrew JM Regiec. I really like it. It worked very well. It didn’t disrupt any of the sight lines. There were also lots of different pieces of art work on the walls. Some of the art work was provided by the Artworks Gallery & Studio and Max 21. It think it was pretty interesting to see how it worked. It fit really well into the show.

Laura: Museum is playing for one more weekend. Friday and Saturday at 8 PM at the Reston Community Center in Reston, Virginia. Do recommend you go see this how. It was very well done and very enjoyable.

Mike: This was definitely a fun show to see. I could go see it again. I wish we didn’t have other show to see this weekend because I could definitely go see this again.

Laura: And now, on with the show.


  • The Guard: Eric Paul Kelly
  • Michael Wall: Ganesh Kumaraswamy
  • Fred Izumi: Greg Pennington
  • Jean-Claude, 2nd Man Passing, Mr. Gregory: David Segal
  • Mr. Hollingsford, 1st Man Passing, Giorgio: Carl West
  • Peter Ziff, 2nd Guard: Phil Erickson
  • Mr. Salt, 1st Guard, Mr. Moe: John Shea
  • Bob Lamb, Bill Plaid: Dave Tremaine
  • Will Willard, Steve Williams: Mike Voit
  • Francoise, Ada Bilditsky, Lillian: Freida Enoch
  • Chloe Trapp, Annette Froebel: Sally Cusenza
  • Liz, Kate Siv: Karen Schlumpf
  • Carol, Gilda Norris: Iman Hassen
  • Blakey, Mira, Julie Jenkins: Jennifer Lambert
  • Elizabeth Sorrow, Tink Solheim: Lee Slivka
  • Mrs. Salt, Zoe: Dana Anderson
  • Maggie Snow, Barbara Castle, Harriet: Meg Miller
  • Barbara Zimmer, May, Mrs. Moe: Adrienne Showker


  • Producer: Bruce Lipin
  • Director: Andrew JM Regiec
  • Assistant Director: Joshua Redford
  • Set Design: Andrew JM Regiec
  • Master Carpenter: Herb Pierce
  • Stage Manager: Laura K. Baughman
  • Costume Design: Carole Steele, Judy Whelihan
  • Costume Construction: Carole Steele
  • Makeup Design: Carole Steele, Judy Whelihan
  • Lighting Design: Frank Coleman
  • Sound Design: Kevin Harney
  • Master Electrician: Julie Clemmensen
  • Properties Design & Acquisition: Mary Jo Ford
  • Properties Mistress: Alda Herold, Sharon Pound
  • French Dialect Coach: Tel Monks
  • Set Construction: Herb Pierce, Rob Robinson, Tel Monks, Mike Foose, Klaus Schulz, Rick Schneider
  • Set Painting: Patti Chisholm, Charlene Gridley, Cheryl Parsons, Andy Regiec,
  • Sharon Pound, John Shea, Herb Pierce, Mike Foose, Rob Robinson
  • Running Crew Chief: Tom Geuting
  • Running Crew: Dee Sagall, Mike Foose, Rob Hill, Herb Pierce, Jason Willett, Jerry McFaul, Sharon Pound, Rick Schneider, Adam Beattie, Earle Green
  • Light Board operators: Julie Clemmensen, Bob Hill
  • Sound Board Operators: Kevin Harvey
  • Museum art: Artworks Gallery & Studio/MAX-21, Ginny Moore, Chris Appleton, Fae Penland Gertsch
  • Special Effects (Robotics): Marty Rothwell, Jerry Skene, Mark Benedict, Val Komarov, Chantilly academy Robotics Team 612, Herb Pierce, Tel Monks
  • Publicity: Kay Vakerics, Kathleen Schneider
  • Showbill: Sue Pinkman, Lakelitho
  • Photographer: Joe Douglass
  • Opening Night Reception: The TAP Room

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