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Use Video to Spread The Word About Your Shows

By • Apr 3rd, 2007 • Category: Backstage

Here’s a suggestion for theaters. Create a short (less than 3 minutes or so) video about your show, showing why people should come. Yes, in other words, make a commercial. Synetic Theatre did this with their 2007 production of MacBeth:

Unfortunately many performance contracts with the rights owners don’t allow companies to videotape their rehearsals or performances. So, be creative. Take some photos and interview the director, or an actor or two. Put the audio under the photos. I use iMovie on my Mac, but I’d guess there are tools on Windows that can also help you with the process.

Our church is doing a mostly home grown Easter show this weekend, Encounter at Jerusalem. This scene (with Mike as Barak and our friend Alicia as Cassia) was performed Sunday morning during services, then the director spoke a few words about the show.

Has anyone else out there tried using video to help plug their shows? We’d all love to hear your tips and tricks.

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