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Little Theatre of Alexandria Scotland Road

By • Apr 29th, 2007 • Category: Reviews

Listen to our review of Little Theatre of Alexandria’s Scotland Road [MP3 4:06 1.2MB].

Laura: Thursday evening we saw the Little Theatre of Alexandria‘s Scotland Road in Alexandria, Virginia.

Mike: Scotland Road is a play by Jeffrey Hatcher. A woman is discovered floating on an ice floe in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean in the 1990’s. She is wearing clothes from the 1910’s. All she can say is the word “Titanic.” What is this woman all about?

Laura: This is a weird show. Not necessarily bad weird, just strange. As Gloria DuGan, the director, said in her notes: “this is a Rod Serling, Twilight Zone psychodrama.” That pretty much sums it up.

Mike: This was a strange show. It started out normally enough. As the audience was being seated, at the front of the theater you had different news clips playing of the Titanic. They were showing things like the first passengers getting ready to get on board. Showing different footage of the captain, of the Carpathia and other photographs of the Titanic. The show started out very normally, but it quickly became confusing and you weren’t sure what was going to happen next.

Laura: Halbrech was played by Lorraine Magee. She brought the woman who was found floating on the ice floe in the Atlantic to a place for interrogation. I felt that she had compassion for this woman. When John, the person who was doing most of the interrogating, was really pounding her. I could see that she was giving him warning looks and comforting her as best she could. I enjoyed her performance.

Mike: John was played by Bill Fleming. He was very concerned about this woman and had a lot of tricks up his sleeve of things he wanted to do to her to make her prove or disprove who she was. He was very concerned about the history of the Titanic and how this woman might affect that history. There were some twists and turns that he introduced to keep her on her feet and she was able to put some twists and turns back on him to keep him on his feet.

Laura: The other two actors in Scotland Road were the Woman played by Karen Jadlos Shotts and Miss Kittle played by Bonnie Jourdan. Each of them did a creative job. The Woman was supposedly the survivor of the Titanic. You could see her kind of waking up to her surroundings and understanding more of what was going on. Miss Kittle came in towards the end of the show . She was also supposedly a survivor of the Titanic and had some mystery about her, which I can’t give away.

Mike: The entire show took place in one room. There were white walls that were vaguely reminiscent of an iceberg. Kind of blues and white stripes put subtlety into the walls. There were a couple different entrances that that John very early explained. “These doors are locked. You can’t go out. You can’t let her out.” The set worked really well for the show. It was confusing. The set was designed by Grant Kevin Lane and Mike Schlabach. One reason to see this show is for the set. It’s a very simple set, but it was used very effectively throughout the show. It actually does become a character in the show a little later.

Laura: This show was about an hour and a half with no intermission. But there were a lot of scenes. Some of the scenes were about a minute long.

Mike: Scotland Road is playing at The Little theatre of Alexandria through Saturday May 12th. Wednesdays through Saturdays at 8 and Sunday matinees at 3 PM.

Laura: Once you’ve seen Scotland Road, we would love to hear your thoughts. We don’t want to give any plot points away and that’s why our reviews of the characters was rather generic.

Mike: And now, on with the show.


  • John: Bill Fleming
  • Halbrech: Lorraine Magee
  • Woman: Karen Jadlos Shotts
  • Miss Kittle: Bonnie Jourdan


  • Producers: Marian Holmes and Nanette Reynolds
  • Director: Gloria Dugan
  • Stage Managers: Arthur Rodgers and Kira Simon
  • Set Design: Grant Kevin Lane and Mike Schlabach
  • Set Construction: Jerry Wolf and Jack Schaeffer
  • Assisted by: Bill Fleming, Jerry Kerns, Bob King, Kevin Lane, Jeff Nesmeyer, Michael Schlabach, Rance Willis
  • Set Painting: Grant Kevin Lane
  • Assisted by: Lorainne Magee
  • Set Decoration: Donna Reynolds
  • Properties: Donna Reynolds
  • Assisted by: Betty Dolan, Bobbie Herbst, Patrick Sheehy, Margaret Snow
  • Lighting Design: Ken and Patti Crowley
  • Master Electrician: Nancy Owens
  • Assisted by: Eileen Doherty, Heather Franklin, Pam Leonowich, Helen McCarthy, Doug Olmsted, Liz Owens, Dick Schwab, J.J. Stinson, Jeremy Thong
  • Sound Design: Anna Hawkins
  • Assisted by: Keith Bell, David Correia, Heather Franklin, David Hale, Bill Rinehuls
  • Special Effects/Video/Multimedia: Ken and Patti Crowley, Michael Kharfen, Stephen Kharfen, Mike Schlabach
  • Rigging: Russ Wayland
  • Costume Design: Grant Kevin Lane
  • Makeup Design: Shelia R. Hyman
  • Hair Design: Shelia R. Hyman
  • Accent Consultant: Mary Rigney
  • Lobby Display: Avery Burns
  • Double Tech Dinner: Mary Hundstad O’Konski
  • Assisted by: Pete O’Konski
  • Opening Night Party: Russ Wyland
  • Assisted by: David Hale
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