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Bowie Community Theatre Proposals

By • Apr 27th, 2007 • Category: Reviews

Listen to our review of Bowie Community Theatre’s production of Proposals [MP3 4:41 1.3MB].

Laura: Sunday afternoon we saw Bowie Community Theatre‘s Proposals in Bowie, Maryland.

Mike: Proposals is a play by Neil Simon. It focuses on one afternoon in the summer at the Hines family retreat in the Poconos Mountains. Clemma, the family housekeeper and the story’s narrator, is dreading a visit from her husband who left her years before. Burt Hines, a recovering workaholic convalescing from a second heart attack, looks forward to his ex-wife whom he still loves. His daughter, Josie, has just broken off her engagement with a Harvard law student. She wants to go out with his buddy Ray, who is a writer and golfer. But Ray shows up with his girlfriend, a model. Then a Miami gangster shows up just to add a little more stress to the gathering.

Laura: Clemma Diggins, the maid was played by Tijuana Rountree. She was the Narrator, filled in some of the background information of what was going on. She was a very strong woman, but she had a really good sense of humor. She was fun to watch and I enjoyed her performance.

Mike: Burt Hines, the family Patriarch, was played by Jerry Gietka. He did a really good job with his part. He reminded me a lot of Martin from Frasier. That’s something Laura remarked to me as soon as the intermission hit. “He reminds me of Martin.” I really liked watching his expressions especially as he was eavesdropping through the window. I liked his references of “I wasn’t eavesdropping.” It made for a humorous, lovable father figure.

Laura: Josie Hines, Burt’s daughter was played by Melissa Meyd. She had a good strong performance also. I really liked the scene between her and Clemma in the second act when they were getting ready to close up the house for the summer. They both realized that this was probably going to be a changing season. They may or may not be back next summer. They were discussing how life does change and they both need to go on with their lives, but they were close and knew it was going to be hard. I liked her. I liked her emotions and how she interacted with the other men in her life. She showed different emotions. Fear, perturbment. I enjoyed watching her performance.

Mike: All of the other characters in the show did very well. Vinnie Bavasi played by Michael Rodgers stole the show in his scenes. He would come in and have many different malapropisms. They make perfect sense when you hear them. Watching Ken Norman’s (played by Jake Koenig) reactions was priceless. There was good high energy between them. The bodyguards didn’t have any lines, but they added to the show. I liked their understated nice performances.

Laura: The set for Proposals I thought was also creative. The Set Designers were Garrett Hyde and Kent Winterson. The entire set was the backyard. There was kind of an outline of the cabin. Every once in a while Clemma or Burt would be inside looking out at the backyard where there was a picnic bench. They did a really good job of putting in forests and trees and kindling and things like that. They also had really good use of entrances and exits. They put in some trees and you had your exits off to the wings of the stage.

Mike: Jerry Gietka, the director, also made a decision early on in the process of getting the show ready. He decided that he wanted the show to have it’s own score. He worked with the sound designers and at certain points throughout the show there was music playing. At times it was a little loud. We talked with Jerry after the show and he said that the theater only has one set of speakers. If the music was loud enough to be heard on stage, it was a bit too loud in the audience. If it was just right for the audience, it wasn’t loud enough for the actors to hear. He also said the music helped the actors really get into the right spirit for each scene. The sound was designed by Jerry Gietka, Jonathan Palevsky, and Tania Bindhoff.

Laura: Proposals is playing through May the 5th. Friday and Saturday at 8 PM and Sunday the 29th at 2PM at the Bowie Playhouse in Bowie, Maryland. The show runs about 2 hours, 25 minutes with one intermission.

Mike: And now, on with the show.


  • Clemma Diggins: TiaJuana Rountree
  • Burt Hines: Jerry Gietka
  • Josie Hines: Melissa Meyd
  • Ken Norman: Jake Koenig
  • Ray Dolenz: R4ichard Tovish
  • Annie Robbins: Janice Coffey
  • Vinnie Bavasi: Michael Rogers
  • Sammi: Tania Rosa Bindhoff
  • Lewis Barnett: Louis Murray
  • Body Guard: Melody Wihler
  • Bodyguard: Craig Miller


  • Director: Jerry Gietka
  • Assistant Director: Cynthia Bentley
  • Production Assistant: Janice Coffey
  • Stage Manager: Cynthia Bentley
  • Theater Technicians: Garrett Hyde, Al Chopey, Pete Dursin
  • Set Designers: Garrett Hyde, Kent Winterson
  • Set Painters: Jackie Lord, Faith Leahy-Thielke, Craig Miller, Fred Bentley
  • Set Dressers: Janice Coffey, Joanne Bauer, Adrienne Brown
  • Sound Designers: Jerry Gietka, Jonathan Palevsky, Tania Bindhoff
  • Lighting Design: Garrett Hyde
  • Set Dressing: Cynthia Bentley
  • Sound Technician: Pete Dursin
  • Technical Assistants: Mike Dunlop, Craig Miller
  • Costume Coordinator: Janic Coffey
  • Props Mistress: Adrienne Brown
  • Construction Crew: Rich Fogg, Garrett Hyde, Pete Dursin, Craig Miller, Cynthia Bentley, Duane Rouch, Fred Bentley
  • Graphics Designer: Bobbie Carter
  • Photographer: R.A.R.E. Photographic
  • Videographer: Dove Video
  • Playbill Designer: Janice Coffey
  • Webmaster: Myron Cramer
  • House Manager: Joanne Bauer
  • Tickets/Postcards: Galen Menne
  • Lobby Designer: Joanne Bauer
  • Volunteer coordinator: Jodie Calvert
  • Printer: Landover Printing
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