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Reston Community Players Seussical

By • Mar 14th, 2007 • Category: Reviews

Listen to our review of Reston Community Players’ production of Seussical [MP3 4:53 1.4MB].

Laura: Saturday evening we saw Reston Community Players and their production of Seussical in Reston, Virginia.

Mike: Seussical the Musical is a musical, with the book by Lynn Ahreens and Stephen Flaherty. The lyrics are by Lynn Ahrens and music by Stephen Flaherty. It’s basically taking a bunch on the Dr. Seuss stories and combining them altogether. The Cat in the Hat and Horton Hears a Who and tons of others. It’s a very fun show.

Laura: This was a great show. Very kid friendly with lots of kids in the audience. They really enjoyed it and got into it. There were times when some of the little ones got into it and shared their thoughts with what was going on. That made it all the more fun.

Mike: This was a very fun production. We’ve seen it a couple times before, and every time we see this show, I’ll see new things in it. I enjoyed it a lot.

Laura: The Cat in the Hat was played by Kevin Ray Johnson. He did a great job. He had a lot of life and was bouncing around the stage doing all kinds of things. Almost looked like acrobatics. He had a few different costume changes because he was a few different characters. He was kept busy running back and forth. I really liked him.

Mike: JoJo was a Who and also a regular person who got pulled into the Cat in the Hat story, was played by June Schreiner. She did a pretty good job as JoJo. A lot of energy for a kid. Really got into the part. “There’s a cat! What is the deal?” And then getting pulled into the thinks that she kept thinking. I enjoyed how JoJo who is only a 7th grader, that’s amazing, how well she did with the show.

Laura: Horton the Elephant was played by Michael Hoskinson. First I should say he must be so hot in that elephant costume. He did a really good job. He played it not as a sad elephant, I sort of pictured him as having a lot of heart and a lot of feeling and really wanted to protect his clover and was very attached to it. He did a great job.

Mike: Horton’s girlfriend Gertrude McFuzz was played by Alexa Yarboro. She did a good job with Gertrude. There were a few songs were she didn’t quite hit it right I don’t think, but over all she did a good job. She was kind of melancholy and then unsure of herself. You could feel the growth in her when she got depressed over her one feathered tail, and then when it went the other direction. I think she did a good job with it.

Laura: This was a huge cast and unfortunately we aren’t able to mention everybody. Everybody really got into their part. They sang well and really seemed to have a good time up on stage.

Mike: The set was quite effective. There were several set pieces that came out. They looked like they had just come out of a Dr. Seuss book. A few of the larger set pieces had windows cut into them so some of the scenes could be done through these cutouts in the set. For example at the circus scene they put bars up so you could see the animals in the cages. That was a surprising touch I wasn’t expecting. I also liked how they used some overheads on the back wall. They projected up the moon or stars, things like that. It definitely fit in well with the songs they were singing. I especially liked the song that played several times throughout the evening, “Alone in the Universe.” That was kind of the signature song of the show. It fit in very well. The set was designed by Dawn Parker.

Laura: The costumes for Seussical the Musical were very creative. I hadn’t seen that before. I think they went out and I don’t know how they did it, but they went out and got a bunch of long johns. That’s what everybody wore, they looked well. The costume designer was Farrell Ann M. Hartigan. She did a really creative job.

Mike: I think the whole show worked together really well. The lighting, the sound. Almost everybody could be heard. There were a couple voices that didn’t carry very well. For the most part the show was really well done. It had a nice snappy pace to it. The show was just over two hours long with one intermission. I think you’ll enjoy yourself. Definitely appropriate for all ages. Very young ages might have a problem sitting still for two hours and they might not understand it all, but it will keep their attention.

Laura: Seussical is playing through March 24th. Friday and Saturday at 8 and Sunday at 2:30 at the Reston Community Center in Reston, Virginia.

Mike: And now, on with the show.

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