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Providence Players Good Help is So Hard to Murder

By • Mar 8th, 2007 • Category: Reviews

Listen to our review of the Providence Players’ production of Good Help is So Hard to Murder [MP3 4:14 1.2MB].

Laura: Saturday evening we saw the Providence Players‘ production of Good Help is So Hard to Murder in Falls Church, Virginia.

Mike: Good Help is So Hard to Murder is a comedy by Pat Cook. Convinced that the maid knows too much about her family’s shady past, Delilah conspires with her younger sister to kill her. A visit from Elmira, the local psychic, warns that a tragedy is about to occur. Just when it looks like the deed is done, the Grim Reaper makes a timely appearance and Elmira senses danger.

Laura: This was a funny show. Mike and I are members of the Providence Players. I auditioned for a role in Good Help is So Hard to Murder. This was a comedy and comedy is really easy to screw up. But I really liked the timing and the pace of the show.

Mike: This was a funny show. They did a great job with not losing the comedy and getting everything done that had to get done. I think you will enjoy yourself if you do go see this how. It’s only playing for one more weekend. Our scheduling made it tough for us to go the opening weekend. But check it out this Friday or Saturday at 7:30 at the Lee Center in Falls Church.

Laura: Delilah was played by Beth Hughes-Brown. She was the straight woman of the show. She had a sarcasm that I found really funny. I myself have been known to be a bit sharp edged sometimes, but she did a very good job.

Mike: Her sister Merribelle was played by Susan Kaplan. She was the standard ditz that you’ve seen in movies and on shows over the years. She did it really quite well. I was impressed with how ditzy she was and how much sense she made when she was talking.

Laura: Aunt Minnie who came to visit her nieces, Delilah and Merribelle, was played by Laurie Hinners, was funny. She reminded me of Lucille Ball and some of the wacky situations she gets in to. She was just sort of ditzy and out there. She was also hard of hearing which made for some really funny lines.

Mike: The psychic Elmira was played by Barbara Gertzog. That was another ditzy character, but she was a serious ditzy character. She was clairvoyant and used a “I know what you’re thinking…” kind of a spectral voice. She did that pretty well. I liked when she was trying to explain the dream that she had to Miribelle (the ditzy sister). She kept walking right into these traps that Miribelle would lay up, unintentionally of course. You could feel her frustration with why did I even start the conversation. She was very believable in that.

Laura: The set was also very well done. Definitely had this pink theme going with the walls and curtains and everything. It was very nice.

Mike: The set was designed by Mike Mattheisen, who was also the show’s director. The set was painted by Craig Geoffrion. He must be hating the color pink. Everything was pink. It was a nice looking set, but it was pink. Once the characters started showing up, they were all wearing different shades of pink.

Laura: The special effects were also very well done. The special effects coordinator was Paul Nasto. It all timed well. When the lights would go out, the characters would light candles, which would light a realistic section of the stage. The timing of that was really good.

Mike: Paul Nasto did the lighting design, the sound design and the special effects. All three of those worked superbly together. A lot of the scenes had very close timing such as a thunderstorm outside and then lightning. Then the lights would go out. It all happened super quickly on time. The characters reacted appropriately. I liked how everything fit together like a puzzle.

Laura: This was a fun show. Everyone did a good job. Good Help is So Hard to Murder is playing for one more weekend. Definitely recommend you go out and see it because you will laugh a lot.

Mike: And now, on with the show.

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