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Have a Mary Time with Potomac Theatre’s Nunsense

By • Nov 19th, 2006 • Category: Reviews

Listen to our review of Potomac Theatre Company’s production of Nunsense [MP3 3:47 1.1MB].

Laura: We saw the Potomac Theatre Company‘s production of Dan Groggin’s Nunsense in Potomac Maryland.

Mike: Nunsense is a musical comedy. It takes place in Hoboken. The Little Sister’s of Hoboken discover that their cook, Sister Julia, Child of God, has accidentally poisoned the rest of the nuns. So they bury a bunch of them and then they run out of money so they have to have a fund raiser. This show is their fundraiser so they can make more money. Of course there is a health inspector who comes by to check the health of the place. He isn’t real happy with the nuns being stored in the freezer. So it’s really quite urgent that they raise some funds. That’s what this show is all about.

Laura: This show was funny. There were a lot of good comedy sketches in it. Unfortunately the audience wasn’t quite sure how to take it. The actors had to work really hard to get the audience to laugh. It was a little bit like pulling teeth.

Mike: It was an enjoyable show. But the actresses did really have to work quite hard. The show itself is not sacrilegious, but it is irreverent and I think the audience just didn’t quite know how to take it. There were some funny bits and chuckles, but really there was not a lot of all out laughter throughout the show.

Laura: This was an ensemble piece with only five actresses for the whole show. Sister Robert Anne was played by Patricia Grossier. Sister Mary Hubert was played by Erin Cassell. Sister Mary Leo was played by Lee Michele Rosenthal.

Mike: Sister Mary Regina, Mother Superior, was played by Aetna Thompson. Sister Mary Amnesia was played by Marsha Coder.

Laura: I think they all did really well. Some of the singing was a bit uneven. There were times when there was a long set up for a sketch that really wasn’t that funny. For example, the sketch towards the end at the drive in movie. They took probably five minutes to get that set up, but when the movie actually played it wasn’t really that funny. It was kind of funny, but not real funny.

Mike: Another example of something that just kind of slowed the show down, the pacing a little bit. Early on there is an audience participation quiz to make sure we had been paying attention to the song that they had just sung. Once somebody in the audience answered the question, Sister Mary Amnesia walked over to the side of the stage, down the steps, and then back across to the front, talked to the person, gave them the prize, and then had to walk back all the way across the front of the stage, up the steps and then back to center stage to ask the second question. Someone answered it, she again walked to the side, down the steps, over to the middle again, and it was just kind of a time breaker. We’re watching this person walk around for a couple minutes. A set of stairs in the middle would have been really helpful.

Laura: Nunsense is an enjoyable show, a family friendly show. Some of the humor is irreverent, but I think you’ll have a good time.

Mike: It’s also really brave of the Potomac Theatre Company to open a show the weekend before Thanksgiving. A lot of people will be traveling I would think next weekend. It’s an interesting strategy because just as many people are traveling, there will also be extra people in town. It’s something to do with the relatives is go see a show. So if you want to go see Potomac Theatre Company’s Nunsense, it’s playing through Dec. 3rd at the Blair Family Center for the Arts, the Bullis School, in Potomac Maryland.

Laura: The show is about two hours and fifteen minutes with one intermission.

Mike: Once you’ve seen the show, please leave a comment.

Laura: And now, on with the show.

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