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The Time of Your Life Lessons

By • Oct 29th, 2006 • Category: The Time of Your Life

The Time of Your Life was a great show, both to be involved in the production of, and the script itself. William Saroyan wrote a wonderful play. The characters teach us many things about life.

The list is also available as a poster [PDF 112KB].

  • Newsboy: It can’t hurt to ask
  • Willie: Play games
  • Joe: It’s ok to play with toys
  • Kit: Take a nap
  • Wesley: It’s ok to ask for help
  • Dudley: Carry your address book with you
  • Tom: Fall in love with someone
  • Kitty: Dance, even if you’re alone
  • Lorene: Be compassionate
  • Blick: Don’t be a jerk
  • Joe: Buy a newspaper
  • Harry: You can make people cry or make people laugh, you don’t have to know which
  • Nick: Appreciate the time you share with others
  • Krupp and McCarthy: Real friendships last
  • Harry: Never give up
  • Society Lady: It’s ok to try something new
  • Kitty: Dream of home
  • Mary L: A great hat does wonders
  • Newsboy: It’s ok to change careers
  • Killer: Don’t let people insult you
  • Sailor: You don’t always get what you want
  • Kit: Telling stories is an art
  • Joe: Share your wealth
  • Tom and McCarthy: It’s ok to ask questions of authority
  • Kit: Lie about your age
  • Nick and Krupp: Live and let live
  • Kit: Treat ladies with respect
  • Killer: Never make eye contact if you don’t mean it
  • Wesley and Arab: Play a musical instrument
  • Elsie: Seize the day
  • Society Gentleman: Think about how the hot cakes will taste and the sunsets will look after 28 years
  • Arab: Don’t forget your past
  • Kitty: It’s ok to be scared of change
  • Drunk: The hardest thing in life is to change
  • Society Lady: Change is good
  • Joe: Take an interest in other people
  • Willie: Set a goal for yourself

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