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Journey Into the Woods with LTA

By • Jul 25th, 2006 • Category: Reviews

Listen to our review of The Little Theatre of Alexandria’s production of Into the Woods [MP3 4:22 1.2MB].

Laura: We saw The Little Theatre of Alexandria‘s production of Into the Woods in Alexandria, Virginia.

Mike: Into the Woods is a musical written by Stephen Sondheim with the book by James Lapine. It’s the story of all the Grimm’s fairy tales combined together with each of the characters meeting each other. The basic story that brings them together is the baker and his wife can’t have children. So they need to go out Into the Woods and fetch four different items that the witch who has cursed them told them to get. These four different items are different parts and pieces of other Grimm’s fairy tales. So throughout the adventures they get the four pieces. Then in the second act we get to discover what happens ever after. Is it really happily ever after?

Laura: This was a really good show. Everybody did a great job. The singing was good, the acting was really good. I liked how they all reacted to each other. They didn’t just stand there waiting for it to be their turn for their line. I liked how they fed off the emotions of each other. I liked the meaning of Into the Woods, besides the Grimm fairy tales. Sometimes you get what you want, it’s not what you really wanted. I thought that was interesting to see them play that out.

Mike: This was a really good show. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I really liked watching how they used the stage. This was a complex set of scenery that they had to keep straight. They used the space they had very effectively.

Laura: Everybody in the performance did a really great job. All of the singing and the dancing and the acting were really outstanding. We’re just going to focus on two of the characters. The character of Jack was played by Jesse Swenson. He did a really good job. He had a good singing voice. I liked his presence on stage. He had a very youthful look about him which carried across in his mannerisms and his actions and his taking care of his mother and his love for his cow.

Mike: The character that changed the most in the show was the witch played by Karen Jadlos. The witch started out as being really mean and ugly and full of spite towards the baker and his family. By the end of the show, she was a beautiful woman with no powers and kind of frustrated and ready to throw one of the characters up to the giant. That was really fun watching her play these different scenes and the different emotions throughout the show.

Laura: The setting of Into the Woods was really well done. There were three houses that made up a village. Then there were the woods. They had taken a curtain and spliced it up which I though was a really good effect because it allowed the performers to have multiple entrances and exits.

Mike: There were a lot of special effects in this show. We had flying birds, the witch casting spells on the baker and his wife. We also had the witch turning into a differnt type of witch later in the show. There was the giant walking through the village. That was very nicely done, I liked how they handled that. The lighting really worked well. Especially later in the show. There was some steam and fog coming in and the lights cutting through that from the ceiling worked really well. It was bright yellows and blues and greens. I liked that a lot. I was also wondering how they were going to do the cow. The cow was very nicely done. Another special touch was Rapunzel’s hair. It was actually used by the witch to climb up into the tower.

Laura: The costumes I thought were really well done. They looked very authentic. When the prince’s came out to do their duet together they were both in princely garb with the tights and the swords. I though they looked really good. The colors were also bright.

Mike: Into the Woods is playing at the Little Theatre of Alexandria in Alexandria, Virginia through August 12th. You definitely should call ahead and get tickets. The performance we were at was sold out.

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Mike: And now, on with the show.

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