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Plaza Suite: What else happens in a hotel room?

By • Jun 20th, 2006 • Category: Reviews

Listen to our review of Plaza Suite performed by Potomac Theatre Company [MP3 4:06 1.2MB].

Laura: And we saw the Sunday afternoon matinee perfomance of Neil Simon’s Plaza Suite performed by Potomac Theatre Company in Potomac, Maryland.

Mike: Plaza Suite takes place in New York’s Plaza Hotel in 1968. There are three acts. Each act has nothing to do with the other two. It is simply the same suite in the Plaza Hotel. So you get to meet three different sets of people and learn a little bit about their lives. But you don’t get to learn what happens after they leave the hotel. It’s up to you to discuss and decide for yourself later.

Laura: Basically we need to do three reviews. Each act stood on its own.

Mike: A disadvantage of this type of show is the cast does not get warmed up to the audience. There are three separate sets of actors. They don’t get really warmed up until the end of their scene and at that point they’re done.

Laura: The first act was a couple having marital problems. It was uncomfortable watching them because I think they were uncomfortable because they weren’t quite sure if they wanted to work it out or not.

Mike: The couple in the first act didn’t seem to be gelling together. They were discussing and fighting nicely and trying to be polite to each other. I felt a llittle sad for the wife because she was trying to be good. But she never really was assertive enough to say what she really wanted. I really didn’t care about the couple at all. The first act just dragged on a bit.

Laura: The second act moved a long a bit better. It was a Hollywood producer and the girl that he dated in high school. She had since gotten married and I think he was trying to rekindle the old flame. She was hesitant and watching their back and forth was kind of interesting.

Mike: This was my favorite of the three scenes because I wasn’t sure what would happen with the woman. If she would stay in the hotel room with the producer or if she would leave and go back to her husband. Or if she was just into getting more dirt on the people in Hollywood.

Mike: The third act was the funniest of the three. The basic story is a bride on her wedding day got cold feet and locked herself in her parent’s suite’s bathroom. The parent were trying to get her out so she can go down and get married. Of course there are things like trying to climb out on the ledge and other things to get her out of that bathroom.

Laura: The third act really didn’t have any new material. It was all situations that have been redone in various comedies over the years so I really didn’t feel like there was anything new or fresh about it.

Mike: At one point in the third act the father decided to get his daughter out of the bathroom. So he decided he should crawl out onto the ledge, walk around onto the ledge and go in through the bathroom window. In order to do this he had to open the window. Unfortunately the window was open through the first two acts as well. It was open for him already when he got there. That kind of distracted a bit because I was wondering in the first two acts about why the window was open.

Laura: One thing I did like was between the acts the person who came out, I guess the props mistress to set things up for the next act was in a maid costume. I thought tht was good because it kept the continuity of the play going. I thought that was a really nice touch.

Mike: The set was very nicely done. It was very detailed. There was nice gold wallpaper, nice lights. There were several doorways for closets and the bathroom. There was a breakaway wall in the middle to separate the bedroom from the living room area of the suite. There was a lot of effort put into the set design.

Laura: Plaza Suite is playing through June 25th at the Bullis School in Potomac, Maryland.

Mike: And now, on with the show.

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