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Blithe Spirit: Haunted Humor at LTA

By • Jun 14th, 2006 • Category: Reviews

Listen to our review of Blithe Spirit as performed by the Little Theatre of Alexandria [MP3 3:42 1.1MB].

Laura: We saw Blithe Spirit performed by the Little Theatre of Alexandria in Alexandria, Virginia.

Mike: Blithe Spirit is the story of a writer who is researching a new novel. One of the plots in his story involves a medium and spiritualism. So he arranges to have a spiritualist come and do a seance at his house. Unfortunately the seance causes his dead wife to appear and she wants him back.

Laura: I thought it was a really funny show. I enjoyed it very much. Everyone stayed in character. One thing I really liked was they kept their English accents and didn’t lose them by the end of the performance. I thought that was a really nice touch and really well done.

Mike: It was a really good show. It was quite funny. There were lots of twists and turns. Not in a soap opera kind of way, but in a humor for effect kind of way.

Laura: The Englishman, Charles, who is gathering information for his novel was played by Tom Pentecost. He did a really good job. There was a good opening scene between him and his current wife, Ruth, when they were discussing his first wife, Elvira, and some of the things they went through. I liked the way he assured her he was happy in their marriage. He struck me as a very easygoing gentleman. I liked the way he played the role very much.

Mike: Charles’ wife Ruth, was played by Barbara Raffaele. She did a really good job. One of the tricks that she had to learn when they were learning the play was not to look at the character of Elvira when she was on stage. Elvira was the ghost called on by the seance. she did a great job of not letting her eyes drift over to Elvira. She also had a really nasty streak about her when she got to talking about Elvira and the jealousy she had with Charles’s and his first wife. That was really a fun part to watch.

Laura: Elvira, Charles’s dead wife was played by Laura Russell. I really liked her. I thought she did really well. I liked how she almost floated around the stage. She got her point across that she wanted Charles all to herself.

Mike: The Spiritualist, Madame Arcati, was played by Freida Enoch. She stole the show in the scenes that she was in. The expressions she gave, the trances she went into, the processes of going into the trances, all were hilarious. Her entrances were also hilarious. She played the part really well. There was such a high degree of contrast between her character and the other characters in the show that it was just really funny when she was on stage.

Laura: The set of Blithe Spirit was really well done. When the curtain opened here were ooohs and ahhhs from the audience. It didn’t look like a stage, it looked like the living room of Charles’ house. I thought that was very impressive.

Mike: I really liked the special effects. They were very creative. They definitely added to the show in stead of detracting from it simply for the sake of having special effects. There was a fireplace which had firelight coming from it. There were smoke effects when the ghost of Elvira would come in. There were several other effects throughout the evening that came out really well.

Laura: I definitely recommend that you go see Blithe Spirit. It is a really funny show. You will enjoy yourself. Do call ahead to make reservations. It is playing through June 24 at the Little Theatre of Alexandria in Alexandria Virginia.

Mike: And if you’ve seen the show, please feel free to leave your thoughts on it here at

Laura: And now, on with the show.

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