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Ushering at Shenandoah

By • May 5th, 2006 • Category: Backstage

Last night I saw a notice on one of the local theatre mailing lists we monitor that Ford’s Theatre needed ushers for the matinee performance of Shenandoah. So I took a long lunch today, and ushered. I had a great time. First off, Ford’s Theatre is a fascinating building that (hopefully) all school kids read about in history class. Secondly, when I got there I got a little lost so I got to wander around the balcony area, and saw some of the actors warming up. I eventually arrived at the right place, got the quick nickel tour introduction to the specifics of the show, bathroom locations, and what to expect audience wise. At 11:30, the doors were opened, and several student groups and families came up to the balcony. I helped direct them to their seats, and gave out playbills. I was able to stay for the first 15 minutes of the show, I wish I could have stayed to see the rest of it.

But the important message to pass on, is that you should volunteer with your local theatre. It could be a community theatre, it could be a professional theatre. But they all need help to get these great shows performed. Check with the theatres near your home or office, I’d be willing to bet every theatre has a role you could play, off-stage or on-stage.

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