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Run For Your Wife: Run and Get Tickets!

By • May 8th, 2006 • Category: Reviews

Listen to our review of Run For Your Wife! performed by the Reston Community Players [MP3 5:13 1.5MB]; or read the transcript.

Laura: We saw a really funny show last night called Run For Your Wife! peformed by the Reston Community Players in Reston, Virginia.

Mike: Run for Your Wife! was written by Ray Cooney in the late 1980’s. It’s the story of a taxi driver in London. He lives with one wife on one end of London and at night goes home to his other wife who lives at the other end of London. That seems to work well until he has an accident that sends him to the hospital. When they release him the police are curious as to why he has a different address and it goes down hill from there for the main character, John.

Laura: It was a hysterical show last night. It was so funny. It was almost a full house and the audience really got into it. it was really well done. I was very impressed by it.

Mike: This is one of the funniest shows we’ve seen. Comedy is hard because you have to get everything perfect, the timing, the emphasis on the right words, and the action has to be well rehearsed. The Reston Community Players have made this is a really funny show.

Laura: The set was really well done last night. There were two flats where John lived with each wife. There was a common couch and two side doors were also shared. The back doors that led outside were different. Everyone did a really good job of keeping the doors straight.

Mike: It sounds confusing, and I’m sure it was. At some point a character would come through a door and you would wonder why he’s coming through that door until you realize he is at the other flat in London. So they were sharing the stage, even though the stage represented two different apartments.

Mike: The main character is John Smith, the taxi driver. He was played by Joe Richardson. He had a complex part in that he had to keep his house of cards that he had built straight in order to keep the wives from finding out about each other. And also keeping the police from finding out about the wives. That is bigamy and he does not wish to go to jail. So he builds up his house of cards slowly and by the end of he show he was having trouble figuring out which was which. He did it really well.

Laura: Stanley Gardner was a friend of John’s played by Mike Voit. He did a really terrific job. He had a lot of emotion and a lot of physical comedy. In one scene (without giving too much away) he ended up falling over the couch in order to hide the cordless phone in order to keep the wives from finding out what was going on. He stayed in character the entire time and was hysterical and played his scenes really well.

Mike: The two wives, Mary Smith and Barbara Smith. Mary was played by Elena Grover and Barbara Smith was played by Erin Gray. They opened the show by being the worried wives at home and calling the police departments trying to figure out what has happened to John. The audience gave them a nice round of applause for opening the scene and setting the tone for the evening as a very high standard to reach.

Laura: The two detectives also had an important role. They were the ones that were trying to figure out what was going on and why this man has living at two different places. Detective Sargeant Troughton was played by Karen Schlumpf. She did a really good job of staying in character. She was the one who realized that there was something funy going on and kept showing up to try and figure it out. The other detective was Detective Sargeant Porterhouse played by Lane Grover. He did a really good job. He was more of the straight man. He may have been a little more confused about what was going on. He did a good job of reacting to the characters and trying to figure out why this man is living in two different places.

Mike: Frank Kearns was the final actor. He had two different roles. One was a small role, of a newspaper reporter and the other was a more significant role of the upstairs neighbor Bobby Franklin. He was the upstairs neighbor at John’s second house. He had lots of scenes where he would come in, make a quick comment with lots of double entendres. He did really well with it.

Laura: The story line does contain a lot of adult humor. It would not be appropriate for children. However, I think adults will really enjoy it.

Mike: Run for Your Wife! was almost sold out last night. If you do want to see this show and I recommend that you do. It is a really funny well executed show, call the Reston Community Players to get your reservations.

Laura: So that’s Run for your Wife!. It’s playing through May 25th at the Reston Community Center in Reston, Virginia.

Mike: And now, on with the show.

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