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Fauquier Community Theatre’s Oliver!

By • May 11th, 2006 • Category: Reviews

Listen to our review of Fauquier Community Theatre’s production of Oliver! [MP3 3:43 1.1MB], or read the transcript.

Mike: We saw the Fauquier Community Theatre‘s production of Oliver! last weekend.

Laura: Oliver! is the classic Charles Dickens tale of Oliver Twist set to music.

Mike: All in all Oliver! was a good show. There were a lot of scenes and a lot of songs. The show lasted about 2 1/2 hours. There were a lot of children in different scenes. In the beginning in the orphanage where Oliver was living. Then later at Fagin’s place where there were a lot of pickpockets and orphans running around.

Laura: Oliver! was accompanied by a live orchestra which I think adds something to the performance.

Mike: Oliver was played by Michaela Coplen. Michaela did a really good job in this role. She was in a lot of scenes. She had a lot of parts that she had to keep straight.

Laura: I liked watching the role of Fagin played by Reighgott. He did a really good job. He was very expressive. He interacted well with the other orphans. He played his role very convincingly and he had a nice singing voice. I wasn’t sure if he was miked or not, but he could be heard above the orchestra when he did his solos.

Mike: The part of Nancy was played by Chantal Campbell. She had a nice solo in the middle of the show. She also had a couple dramatic scenes where she had to talk with the people who had Oliver.

Laura: The scenes at Fagin’s place I thought were really well done. It looked like an attic hideout. There was laundry hung up and there were benches around the attic as well.

Mike: The end of the show takes place on London Bridge. Unfortunately, the set didn’t work really well for me. One side of the stage was the rope supports that hold the bridge together. On the center section of the stage they had some walls set up to make it look like the bad guy had climbed up higher on the bridge to throw Oliver down. It just didn’t seem to work well for me. It didn’t feel real. There were still people gathered around the murder victim right beneath where they were. It seemed awkward. I wish they could have done something a little differently. Maybe they could have had the murder victim over on one side of the stage and then the part that they climbed up on the opposite side to be more removed from each other.

Laura: I liked that they included the orchestra biographies in the playbill. I thought that was really classy.

Mike: One problem with the playbill was they needed to add one more sheet of paper to it. The type face is really small. At the performance we went to there were a lot of older people in the audience. So if Grandma Jones is looking in the playbill for her grandson, she’s going to have a hard time finding it because the type face is so small. I wish they could have added another page or two to make the type face larger. I agree, it is classy that they included the orchestra.

Laura: Oliver! was an enjoyable performance. A bit uneven, but a good show that we saw on Sunday. It is playing through May 21st at the Fauquier Community Theatre, at Vint Hill Farms Station, in Warrenton Virginia.

Mike: Just so you know, the Saturday May 13th show is almost sold out. They only have single seats available. So if you want to go see the show, you should call and make reservations soon so you can sit with your family and friends.

Laura: And if you’ve seen the show, please feel free to leave comments on our website at the end of our review.

Mike: And now, on with the show.

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  1. Fauquier Community Theatre, where “Oliver!” is being performed, is not in Culpeper. The theatre is in Warrenton, VA at Vint Hill Farms Station.

  2. Whoops! Thanks for correcting us, I’ve made that change in the text above. Mike