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Silver Spring Stage Dangerous Liaisons

By • May 29th, 2006 • Category: Reviews

Listen to our review of Dangerous Liaisons performed by The Silver Spring Stage [MP3 3:46 1.1MB].

Laura: We saw the Sunday afternoon Silver Spring Stage production of Dangerous Liaisons.

Mike: Dangerous Liaisons was written by Christopher Hampton. It’s based on the novel written in 1785. Christopher Hampton wrote it in 1985. It’s the story of several of the aristocrats in France and the games they play involving sex and power. Basically it’s a French soap opera.

Laura: Dangerous Liaisons was a complicated show. I had a hard time identifying with the characters because, not being born in the 1780’s, their titles meant nothing to me. I got confused by who was higher than whom and their station in life. To me they all seemed to be equal. They were upper crust.

Mike: I had a really hard time getting into this show. The characters, other than being well off, I didn’t know anything about them. The situations they were putting themselves in, were to use sex as a tool or a game to get revenge on other people that weren’t in the show. While that was well performed and the acting was pretty good, the show itself didn’t inspire me. It didn’t make me feel sympathetic to any of the people. Even the people who were being victimized or used by Valmont and Merteuill, I didn’t care about them. I was like,”Well you deserve it. You were asking for it.” Unfortunately the plot of the show just didn’t hold my interest.

Laura: The Marquise de Merteuill was played by Roxanne Fournier Stone. She was pretty conniving, pretty witchy. She was pretty good at playing people and wrapping them around her little finger and getting them to do what she wanted them to do. She was pretty convincing in her role.

Mike: Valmont was played by Andrew C. Schneider. He was basically a used car salesman of the 1800’s. He was very manipulative. He got what he wanted when it came to women. He seduced three women throughout the show. I really wanted a wagon and carriage to run him over. The games he was playing with Merteuill, he didn’t want to admit some of the things that were happening. Things like falling in love with one of the women. That played right into Merteuill’s playing of him. So it was a little nice to see him getting some of what he had been doing to other people. He did come across as pretty slimy. It was a little bit hard to understand how he was able to manipulate women so.

Laura: The costumes were really well done. They were set in the 1780’s so they were very ornate. This was the French upper crust; they were very bright, colorful, and flashy. The women had the hoop skirts and the fancy jewelry and pearls that went along with it.

Mike: You should be aware that there is some nudity and some strong sexual content in this show.

Laura: The set changes were really well done. One thing I liked is they didn’t wait until everyone was off stage before they started moving the furniture around. They would start bring the props on and arranging the chairs as the actors were either walking off stage or moving to another part of the stage. it kept the flow going and I thought that was a really nice touch.

Mike: Dangerous Liaisons is just over two and a half hours long with a twenty minute intermission. It is playing through June 11th at the Silver Spring Stage in Silver Spring Maryland.

Laura: And now, on with the show.

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