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CRT’s The Man Who Came to Dinner

By • May 15th, 2006 • Category: Reviews

Listen to our review of Castaways Repertory Theatre’s performance of The Man Who Came to Dinner. [MP3 3:40 1.1MB]

Laura: And we saw Castaways Repertory Theatre‘s performance of The Man Who Came to Dinner this weekend.

Mike: The Man Who Came To Dinner is a comedy written by Moss Hart and George S. Kaufman. It’s the story of a celebrity who comes to Ohio for dinner with some admirers. Unfortunately he slips and falls coming into the house and is stuck there while his hip is recovering.

Laura: I thought it was a really funny show. I enjoyed watching it. I thought everyone performed well and had a good time.

Mike: It was a pretty good performance. There were alot of characters in this. The main character is Sheridan Whiteside. He’s the critic and radio personality that had fallen and broken his hip and got stuck at the house. This character is not the most pleasant of people. He has a very grating personality. He thinks he’s always right. He loves ordering people around. That part was played by Jay Tilley. Jay did a really good job with it. He looked totally unlike himself. He had grayed up his beard and his hair. He was in a wheelchair. He did a really good job of not being able to move around as much as a regular actor can.

Laura: I enjoyed Jay’s character of Sheridan Whiteside very much. He was very believable. Another character that I enjoyed watching was Lorraine Sheldon played by Lolita Marie. She did a really good job. She had good stage presence. I liked her opening entrance when she walked in and stood in the doorway and announced her presence. She was overdramatic, but it was really funny.

Mike: The Man Who Came To Dinner was originally written in 1939. A lot of the stars that were in this show were based on real people from 1939. Some you’ll recognize today and some you won’t. The main charter of Sherridan Whiteside was based on a real theater critic named Alexander Wolcott. The other people in the show were also based on real people. At the show we saw there were a fair number of older people. They had a great time because they recognized the people. They were ones they the audience grew up with. So I’m thinking in probably 20-30 years this show will not be funny for the same reason it is now. In a few years this show is going to be funny because of the slapstick and Sheridan’s annoying personality and the situations that come up. A lot of the parallels between the play and the real life person will be lost.

Laura: I really liked the set, too. I thought it was detailed. Sheridan Whiteside’s wheelchair that he was in, was an authentic representation of a wheel chair from the 1940’s. It fit well. It wasn’t the sleek metal ones like we have today. It was wooden. He did a pretty good job of rolling around in it I will say.

Mike: During one part of the show there are some radio technicians at the house to help Sheridan do his radio broadcast on Christmas Eve. They were handled by the luncheon guests that had been on the show earlier. I’m just curious as to why the luncheon guest were also radio technicians? That didn’t make sense to me.

Laura: The Man Who Came To Dinner was a funny show. It was very enjoyable for everyone who attended. It was about 2 hours and 20 minutes with 2 intermissions.

Mike: If you’ve seen The Man Who Came To Dinner by Castaways Repertory Theatre, please feel leave comments about it after our review on ShowBizRadio,net. The show is playing for one more weekend at the A. J. Ferlazzo Building in Woodbridge, Virginia.

Laura: And now, on with the show.

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  1. Hey guys! Thank you so much for your kind words and for attending the show Saturday afternoon. Believe me, doing this show is indeed a blast for the entire cast and crew. Just to clarify, our director Zina Bleck, decided it would be funny if the convicts who are Whiteside’s “luncheon guests” in Act I came back to the Stanley household in Act II to serve as the radio technicians for Sherry’s Christmas Eve broadcast. 😉