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Providence Players’ Company

By • May 9th, 2006 • Category: Reviews

Listen to our review of Providence Players’ musical production of Company [MP3 4:33 1.3MB]; or read the transcript.

Laura: We saw the Providence Players‘ musical production of Company.

Mike: Company is based on a book written by George Furth with music and lyrics by Stephen Sondheim. It’s the story of Robert, who is a single man in his middle 30’s living in New York City. He has five couples who are his friends and think they know what’s best for him, which is to get married. So they try to get him hooked up. He has to decide if that’s really what he wants to do. He decides this by looking at his friends’ relationships to see how happy they are.

Laura: Overall it was an enjoyable show. However there was something missing. The actors didn’t seem to gel or click together on stage.

Mike: I liked the show concept pretty much. The implementation of the show made it seem as if some of the couples just met right before the show. For some of the couples that worked because that was their role, but for the other couples it felt a little forced. They didn’t seem to feel real comfortable with each other. The main character is Robert played by Sean M. Currigan. Robert was an interesting role to play because, even though he is the central character, you really don’t learn that much about him. You meet a few of his girlfriends throughout the evening and you meet the other couples that are friends with Robert, but you never find out how, when, or where they met. Were they college friends? Did they met at the gym? That would have been interesting to find out because some of the places they hang out at don’t seem to make sense. It felt a little forced. Robert had a nice singing voice. One problem unfortunately was when he would turn his head in certain directions, he would be too far away from the microphone and he would drop out. You could still tell he was singing, but it wasn’t as loud. He had a solo at the end of the show. He wasn’t real dynamic. He was just kind of planted in place. He did a little bit of back and forth going upstage and downstage. I would have had the number be a little more dynamic and soulful sounding.

Laura: Another solo was performed by the character Marta. She was played by Betsy Andrews. She sang the song, “Another Hundred People.” She did really well with it. She had a nice voice and projected well so that you could hear her above the orchestra.

Mike: That song was in several parts. Marta would sing a stanza and then there would be some dramatic action and she would sing another stanza and there would be more action. Then she ended the song. That was unusual, but it was an interesting way to break up the song.

Laura: I liked how the set designers used the limited space in creating the effect of four different apartments on one stage. You had a terrace and a night club that later became a restaurant and a park. It was a stair step effect that allowed for four different apartments on stage. Each apartment had its own look to it and it’s own accessories. It came together well to make it look like four different apartments on one stage.

Mike: There were some technical problems with the sound during the show. It was most noticeable when singer would move their face away from the microphone. They would just drop out totally. It also seemed that the mikes were only turned on when there was someone singing. So you had different volume levels during the speaking versus the singing.

Laura: So overall Company is an enjoyable production. It is playing through May 20th at the James Lee Community Center in Falls Church, Virginia.

Mike: Once you’ve seen the show, please let us know what your thoughts were. You can do that by coming to our website and leaving a comment at the end of our review.

Laura: And now, on with the show.

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