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Aida: A Well Done Show

By • May 24th, 2006 • Category: Reviews

Listen to our review of American Music Stage’s production of Aida [MP3 3:45 1.1MB].

Laura: This weekend I saw American Music Stage in cooperation with Northern Virginia Community College production of Aida. Music and Lyrics by Elton John and Tim Rice. It was produced by Steve West and directed by Hans Bachmann.

Laura: It was a fabulous show. I enjoyed it very much. The singing was spectacular. The dancing was also really good. There was a live orchestra, but because of the way the stage was set up you could easily hear the singers over the orchestra. They really blended in well.

Laura: The basic story of Aida, not to give the story away too much, takes place in Egypt. It’s the story of a woman who is captured by the Egyptians. She is Nubian and has a secret that she doesn’t want anybody to know about. It is a love story, so you have love, lover’s lost and that kind of thing. You really need to see the show to get the full experience.

Laura: Aida was played by Jade Wheeler. She had a really great voice. She did a spectacular job acting. She was very outspoken and didn’t keep her opinions to herself. It was really a lot of fun to watch her perform.

Laura: Radames was played by Tim Adams. He was a little more stiff, but he was in line to become Pharoah one day so he had to be a little more stiff. He also had a really good singing voice and he did some good dancing also.

Laura: The set was simple, it did leave a lot to the imagination. They had enough things on there, big pillars, Pharoah’s throne, that you knew what was going on, but you got to fill in the details.

Laura: They had a good use of lights. They did a lot with colors. They had spotlights as well as lighting on the sides and center stage. They used colors in lights and used some special effects with colors which was good.

Laura: As I mentioned before the dancing was spectacular. They had some really good dance numbers. They had one number where the soldiers came out with big sticks. They then danced with those big sticks and that was really impressive.

Laura: The only down thing was that some of the scene changes were a little slow. They were moving pyramids and you can only go so fast with those. They were smoothly done when they had scene changes on and off the stage.

Laura: At the end of the first act Amneris, played by Lori Staley, something happened to her mic. Their mics were over their ears and, I don’t know if she brushed her hair, but something happened. All of a sudden she started to get really staticy. Every time she moved you heard this funny rustle. It was fixed in the second act because I never heard it at all during the second act.

Laura: Aida is playing for one more weekend at the Northern Virginia Community College Annandale Campus Friday through Sunday. Again I recommend you go see it because it was a terrific show.

Laura: And now, on with the show.

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