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Stop Kiss; Start Listening

By • Mar 27th, 2006 • Category: Reviews

Listen to our review of Port City Playhouse’s production of Stop Kiss [MP3 4:13 3.9MB].

Laura: Port City Playhouse‘s production of Stop Kiss opened this weekend and is playing through April 8.

Mike: Stop Kiss is the story of two women who meet in New York City. They slowly fall in love as they get to know each other. Unfortunately after their first kiss there is an attack and they have to learn how to love each other and how to let other people love them. It’s an incredibly detailed discovery of what love really means. So what’d you think of the show, Laura?

Laura: I really liked it. I thought it was a really good show and I liked the performance very much. What did you think of it?

Mike: I liked the show. They did a really good job. The show had a good tempo. It kept moving. There weren’t a lot of slow drawn out scenes. All the scenes contributed to the feelings of the show. The two main characters in the show were Callie and Sara. Callie was a New Yorker. She was played by Amy Hard. She went to college in New York and then stayed to work in New York. Sara was from St. Louis. She had just moved in to teach third grade in the Bronx. She was played by Wendy Lamond-Broughton. Callie, once she discovered what Sara would be doing said here was no way she would make it in the Bronx and she should go back to St. Louis. The way they played off eah other as they were getting to know each other was very well done. They both did well with exploring their friendship.

Laura: For being a New Yorker, Callie was a very timid New Yorker. Everybody left her alone and she’d leave everybody alone.

Mike: She was very non confrontational.

Laura: She was that. The scenes in the hospital were good because it showed her progression. Her first time there she kind of stayed in the back. She didn’t know what to say or what to do. As she kept visiting everyday she got more and more bold.

Mike: And more confident. Callie’s boyfriend George was played by Blakeman Brophy. He did well in getting mad at Callie after the attack when she didn’t call him. He played the role of frustrated friend. He played a good supporting role. He was a little funny at times and a little off center. I liked how he did that character.

Laura: I liked the set very much. It was a simple set. It was the apartment of Callie and then off to the side was a hospital scene.

Mike: They built it into the regular room just by changing some curtains and bringing in a few props. You were in a different scene. They did that really well.

Laura: Yes, I thought that was good.

Mike: The other thing that struck us about the show was that there were a lot of scenes. The whole show was about an hour and 40 minutes long, without an intermission. They were jumping back and forth in time from before and after the attack. They kept up the suspense so that you really wanted to know what was going to happen next. They changed costumes appropriately between the scenes. That’s a lot of costume changes.

Laura: They changed costumes really fast.

Mike: Really quickly. There were not long delays on the scene changes. I would like to know what happens next in the lives of Sara and Callie. Does Sara decide to go back to St. Louis, does she stay in New York, or does she decide to stay with Callie? I’d love to see Stop Kiss 2: What Sara Decided. The show also makes you think about what’s important to you. The friendships you have in your life and what you can hold onto. How you can support them and hold them close. Getting to know the important people in your lives is an important part of this story too.

Laura: So I think Stop Kiss is a good show.

Mike: Stop Kiss is rated as a show for mature audiences. So keep that in mind when you call for reservations.

Laura: And now, on with the show.

Wendy Lamond-Broughton as Sara and Amy Miharu Hard as Callie in the Port City Playhouse production of Diana Son’s Stop Kiss

Amy Miharu Hard and Blakeman Brophy in the Port City Playhouse production of Diana Son’s Stop Kiss

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  1. This is one day proud all the way from Texas !

  2. er, dad …

  3. I know Wendy from college. She’s got a great personality and it seems from your review that it really showed through in her performance. I regret I missed the show.

    I compared your review of Stop-Kiss with another review and yours seemed much more balanced and realistic.

    Go Wendy! On with the show!!

    –Jarrell Pipkin