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Annie Get Your Gun; You Get Your Tickets

By • Mar 19th, 2006 • Category: Reviews

Listen to our review of Port Tobacco Players’ production of Annie Get Your Gun; [MP3 5:17 4.9MB].

Laura: We did something Friday night we haven’t done before. We went to Maryland to see a fantastic show. It was Port Tobacco Players‘ production of Annie Get Your Gun.

Mike: Annie Get Your Gun is a musical about the life of Annie Oakley. Annie Oakley was a sharpshooter living in Ohio. She was discovered when a road show came through and she was the chalengee to the champion sharpshooter of the show. She won so she got to go on the road with them. It was a good show. There was love. Annie fell in love with Frank who maybe sorta kinda eventually fell in love with her.

Laura: I thought it was a fantastic show. The set was very well done. It was a complicated set.

Mike: It was a good show. This is one of the best shows we have seen. For a community theater it was incredible. You had a railroad car, a town, a big top, a trapeeze. They did really well with the sets. They were very detailed.

Laura: You had a social gathering hall and it was just really well done. The main character was Annie Oakley as we said and she did incredibly well. She had great expressions, she stayed in character, and she had a really nice voice. One thing I liked about the show was when Annie was singing some of her solos, her younger brothers and sisters were also on stage, they were doing show business stuff. They were playing a game or something. It wasn’t distracting. It was part of the scene.

Mike: They didn’t freeze onstage. They kept playing, doing whatever kids would be doing while Annie was doing something else on stage. All the characters when they were on stage would be doing things. They wouldn’t be just looking at the actors. That was a nice attention to detail.

Laura: It made it look much more natural.

Mike: Frank Butler was the love interest of Annie Oakley. Frank was played by John Kirby. There were four siblings of Annie Oakley, three girls and a boy. And the boy was plyed by a girl. We didn’t know that until we were looking through the playbill just now.

Laura: Little Jake was played by Kirsten Longley. I thought the costumes were good. They fit the time period well. They were bright.

Mike: They weren’t all the same. They were actually 30-40 different styles of clothing for the men and the women. One funny thing was in the opening scene some of the cowboys were wearing green outfits. I was thinking, “i wonder if they’re wearing green because it’s St. Patricks Day or their outfits are always green.” The other thing that impressed me with Port Tobacco Players was the playbill. This is the best playbill I have ever scene. It is sixteen full letter sized pages. It’s got photos of the original people from the shows. It’s got a biography of the real Annie Oakley, the cast , the chorus, the orchestra, and the production team biographies. It has only one page of advertising of supporters. It is printed on a kind of parchment paper, not just white copier paper stapled together. It’s actually a printed nice playbill. They spent alot of effort and someone spent a lot of time coordinating it and putting it all together. That was wonderful. It also has trivia. It has photographs of old Annie Oakley materials, a lunch box and things like that. It’s great. I don’t know if anyone gives awards away for the best playbill, but this should be up for one. We’ve been to some professional theater shows that aren’t this good. The program was designed by Nelson Hower and put together by David Standish. I think they did a great job.

Laura: They did an excellent job.

Mike: The type face tht they used is actually the old west typeface. That’s one of those subtle touches that fits in perfectly. Just so pleased with this playbill. One of the things I noticed was some of the set changes took a long time. There were two acts and each act had four scenes. A couple of the scenes took a long time. The orchrestra did play, but it felt like it took 30 seconds to a minute too long. It killed some of the momentum that the actors had gained from the previous scene. I wish they could do the scene change a little bit quicker. I don’t know how you do that between costume changes and scene changes. So I would say Annie Get Your Gun is playing for the next two weeks at the Port Tobacco Players in La Plata, Maryland. You should go get tickets and see this show. It’s a really good show. You won’t be disappointed. We’ve added the soundtrack from Annie Get Your Gun to our Internet radio station. Just go to to hear the soundtrack.

Laura: And now, on with the show.

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