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Private Lives, or Public Lives?

By • Mar 13th, 2006 • Category: Reviews

Listen to our review of Fauquier Community Theatre’s production of Private Lives. [MP3 4:05 3.7MB].

Laura: We’re talking about Fauquier Community Theatre‘s production of Private Lives that we saw this afternoon.

Mike: Private Lives is the story of a couple who have been divorced and each get remarried. On their respective honeymoons they discover that they are next door to their ex-spouse. When they see that they are next to each other they fall back in love and leave their new spouse. So what did you think of the show?

Laura: I liked it. I thought it was funny. I thought they acted well together. I liked the setting. What did you think of the show?

Mike: I wasn’t thrilled with it. It was funny. Looking back now after a few hours, it was a good show. The characters have grown on me a little bit. I do realize I was really into the show when I was watching it. I did escape into the realities of these four people being confused and fighting and in love, then not in love, then in love again with each other. It was interesting. They had put downs and subtle insults. The delivery was really good.

Laura: They were English accents and they all kept their accents throughout the performance which I thought was good. It can be easy to slip into an American dialect. They kept the English accents throughout the whole thing. I really liked the sets at Fauquier Community Theatre. I liked what they had the scenery.

Mike: The opening scene takes place at the honeymoon. It was a terrace between adjoining hotel rooms. They came out of each of their respective hotel doors. It made for a really funny set up when they finally realized, “Oh my gosh, there you are.”

Laura: And then the second act took place in a Paris apartment.

Mike: It was well lived in. It had furniture and a wide range of pictures on the walls. It had a record player. It was a home and that’s also where the third act took place. I think it worked really well. The costumes fit really well into the clothing of the time. The characters were Sybil and Elyot. They were one couple and Victor and Amanda were the second couple. Amanda and Elyot had been married before. There were lots of double takes and then the new couples getting mad and they all carried those scenes really well. I will say Sibyl and Elyot didn’t look like a couple. They were married, but Elyot was very tall and Sibyl was fairly short. It just looked funny.

Laura: They didn’t match.

Mike: They didn’t match physically. And then later there were some arguments between the couples. All in all it worked out really well. The actors felt really comfortable with their roles. One of the issues with doing live theater is sometimes there are technical problems that happen. For example, the phone kept ringing after he picked it up. He looked at the receiver and then he said kind of under his breath, “Stupid French phones.” That got a round of applause.

Laura: That was really funny. He stayed in character and just went right on.

Mike: The show was two hours long. It had two intermissions. The first intermission was about fifteen-twenty minutes while they were changing the sets. The second intermission was just a stretch intermission of about five minutes of so. So if you’ve seen Private Lives or you go see Private Lives, feel free to leave a comment here on our website.

Laura: Private Lives is playing for one more weekend, the 17th, 18th, and 19th. At the Fauquier Community Theatre. And now, on with the show.

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