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Highland Players’ Seussical: The Doctor Is In

By • Mar 11th, 2006 • Category: Reviews

Listen to our review of the Highland Players’ production of Seussical the Musical [MP3 3:54 3.6MB].

Laura: We’re talking about the Highland Players in Warrenton, Virginia’s production of Seussical the Musical.

Mike: Seussical the Musical is a collection of the different Dr. Seuss works. Horton Hears a Who and many of his other fun works. They made a musical out of them.

Laura: Yes, the students did really well. They sang well. The costumes were bright and very colorful.

Mike: The set was very simple. They had some scaffolding painted in very bright colors. That gave them several levels to work on. They also had several pieces that they could wheel in on and off the stage. A bathtub. A tree with a nest.

Laura: And a bed.

Mike: A bed and a beach chair.

Laura: I liked the projection too in the back. I thought that was good. Some of the background scenes that they would put up included the fish. Like an under water screen saver.

Mike: There were a lot of computer generated graphics graphics that they had. They didn’t overdo it. I would think it would have been really easy to say, “Let’s put lots of computer graphics up there because then we don’t have to do any kind of set.” They held it down and did well with that.

Laura: They integrated it into the story.

Mike: The lighting in the back accented very well. It didn’t fight with the computer graphics they were projecting. That was a good balance. The main character was The Cat in the Hat, red and white hat and all. He was played by Alex Harris. One of the things about this show was it had a wide range of ages. The kids playing were from 5th to 11th grade. That’s a good wide range of ages.

Laura: The second character was JoJo played by William Bowman. He did well with the role. He had a nice voice and I thought he showed good expressions.

Mike: He got sucked into this world because he thought too much. He had a good thinking mind. There were a lot of good messages that were shared in the course of the show. Some of the singing was uneven. Because you had such a wide age range and some of the kids were a little nervous about being in front of everybody. So stage fright did pop up, but they did ok.

Laura: They did well. I think there were times when the singers were ready to start and the orchestra wasn’t quite ready. I think the kids were waiting for a cue maybe from the conductor to start singing.

Mike: The music did sound good. There was an orchestra pit in front of the theater. Some of the actors did drop a few lines. Again I think that’s just nervousness about being inn front of real people. It was a two hour show. It was a lot to learn.

Laura: It was a lot to take in.

Mike: Horton was played by Rory Shields. He had a lot to do. He was not in every scene, but many of the scenes. There was a love story going on. You also had the parents of JoJo who were some of the older kids. The advantage of having a wide range of children was they actually looked like they were old enough to be his parents, even though they were Whos. That was cool. There was about a 20 minute intermission. Since it was at the Highland Center For the Arts, they had artwork up on the wall in the lobby area from some of the different classes at the school.

Laura: Some of it was really good. I was impressed. It was creative.

Mike: It was a fun show. It’s playing tomorrow night and Sunday afternoon at the Highland Center in Warrenton, Virginia.

Laura: And now, on with the show.

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