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Five Women: One Surprisingly Good Show

By • Mar 12th, 2006 • Category: Reviews

Listen to our review of Leesburg Theatre Company’s performance of Five Women Wearing the Same Dress [MP3 4:32 4.2MB].

Mike: Tonight we saw the Leesburg Theatre Company perform Five Women Wearing the Same Dress.

Laura: Five Women Wearing the Same Dress is the story of five bridesmaids who escape the wedding reception and do girl stuff.

Mike: They are wearing a horrible dress.

Laura: Yes. It was blue with layers and

Mike: Purple frills and a horrible hat covering thing.

Laura: Yes, not flattering to their figures.

Mike: Not flattering to anything. Somewhere there has to be a rule: bridesmaids dresses have to be horrible.

Laura: So what did you think of the show?

Mike: I wasn’t sure what to expect. The Leesburg Theatre Company, this is only their third show. They did a show last summer for their debut, Picasso at the Lapin Agile. And then they did Theatremania back in January which is a collection of one act plays. So I didn’t know what to expect.

Mike: Hadn’t heard anything about them except that they were new. The show is performed at the Oatlands in Leesburg, Virginia. We got the playbill. The playbill looks like a wedding program, kind of flowery and pink and script lettering that’s really hard to read in the dark room of the Oatlands performance room. The back has fake biographies of the people involved with the show. So I didn’t know what to expect. My hopes were not too high. The show was actually surprisingly good.

Laura: It was a surprisingly good show. I thought all of the girls performed well. They stayed in character. The accents were good. During the performance I kept thinking of scenes from Steel Magnolias.

Mike: I did the same thing. The characters from Steel Magnolias all got stuck in the same wedding dress. That was kind of funny we both said that on the way home, “It reminded me of Steel Magnolias.”

Laura: But there were differences.

Mike: It wasn’t the same story or anything, but still it was five women getting together and talking about life and men. It was mostly women in the audience. It was probably at least three quarters women. I thought it was a little funny and Laura had a theory for why that was.

Laura: It was a chick flick.

Mike: But it was good. I’ve only seen one episode of Sex in the City and that was what I kind of pictured it to be like. The writing was pretty snappy. It flowed really well. They had a good rhythm.

Laura: The last scene i thought was also good with the actress who played Trisha.

Mike: Jessica Serensits.

Laura: She was kind of the rock figure. I thought of her as either Dolly Parton or Olympia Dukakis. She was the most grounded of all the women. She had a good scene with the token male, Tripp Davenport, played by Dan Ellsworth. i thought they had a good rhythm going. The banter back and forth was good.

Mike: This show contained a lot of mature subject matter. They actually don’t recommend 16 or under seeing it. It is for adults only.

Laura: There was a lot of adult language and drug usage.

Mike: The play took place entirely in the bedroom of one of the bridesmaids. The wedding reception was at the home of the bride and sister and other family. It was a good place to set the play. That’s where you go when you want to be alone is your room. So that’s where she went to be alone and that’s where all the other bridesmaids ended up, too. They were all having issues with the day. I’m not going to go into specifics because you need to see the show. You’ll be surprised, It’s very funny. It’s almost the kind of funny where you shouldn’t laugh, but it was funny. It was not sold out, I don’t think, but there were not many open seats.

Laura: It was a pretty packed house.

Mike: Partially because it’s a small theater. So if you do want to go see this definitely make your reservations in advance. They’re playing through next weekend. Five more performances I think they said. So if you want to go see Five Women Wearing the Same Dress, I think you’ll be pleased.

Laura: And now, on with the show.


  • Francis Marlowe: Jennifer Regan
  • Francis Marlowe: Caroline McEntee
  • Meredith Marlowe: Mary Speed
  • Trisha Carter: Jessica L. Serensits
  • Georgeanne Darby: Anne Walker
  • Mindy McLure: Eileen Cotton
  • Griffin Lyle Davenport III: Dan Ellsworth


  • Director: Meg Miller
  • Assistant Director: Jeanette M. Sizer
  • Stage Manager: Linda
  • Technical Director: Jan
  • Sound: Kevin Summers
  • Producer: J.D. Warford
  • Dialect Coach: Leah Daily
  • Costume Designer: Jennifer Miller
  • Set Construction: Jan Tilley, Mark Walker, Matt Schraeder, Patrick Schraeder
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