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Review: You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown

By • Feb 27th, 2006 • Category: Reviews

Listen to our review of the McLean Theatre Alliance production of You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown [MP3 4:06 3.8MB].

Mike: We’re talking about the McLean Theatre Alliance production of You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown.

Laura: You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown is the story of your favorite Peanuts characters and a typical day and the adventures of Charlie Brown and the Peanuts gang.

Mike: That’s all there is to it. It’s a musical. It was originally on Broadway in 1967. It was revived in 1999 and they added the Sally Brown character, taking away one of the other characters. It’s a lot of fun.

Laura: I really enjoyed it. i liked the set. It was a simple set, but it made you think of the Peanuts characters. It had bright colors. Snoopy’s dog house was a bright red so it stood out.

Mike: It looked like what you think Peanuts should look like. Like Charles Shultz had done it.

Laura: Yes, I agree with that. I liked all the characters also. I thought they did a really good job. Snoopy even had a good dance number with his Suppertime.

Mike: The basic show is a musical. You had songs and then you had little snippets of conversations with the kids or interactions between them when they would talk about something or insult Charlie Brown.

Laura: Charlie Brown would reminisce about his feeling for the little red haired girl and wanting to go up and ask her to sit next to him and then not doing it and then putting a bag over his head.

Mike: Just Charlie Brown stuff. And other character stuff. It was a lot of fun. They all had solos to sing. They all had dance numbers at different points in the evening. The kids, these are all kids in Peanuts, but they were all adult actors in the roles. So don’t go expecting this as a children’s theater, but definitely children can go. It’s a popular show. The Sunday matinee has already been sold out. So there are only two nights left, next Friday and Saturday evenings at eight in Mclean at the Alden Theatre. So if you want to go see this show you should call and get your name on the list for reservations. I don’t know if they have tickets or not.

Laura: Tonight’s performance was not sold out, but it was pretty full.

Mike: It was pretty full.

Laura: A lot of kids so it was a good family show. I liked the setting. There were some technical problems in the first Act. The character who played Schroeder, his microphone either wasn’t on or the battery was dead or something because he was really hard to hear. That did get fixed in the Second Act. He got much louder.

Mike: The lighting guy had some issues. He couldn’t quite keep the spotlight on the actor’s heads when they would stand up on top of the dog house, for Snoopy for example. Not earth shattering at all. it didn’t really detract but, it was a little subtle thing. Otherwise the colors and the lighting was really cool. They had a nice backdrop that would change colors depending on the scene. They had a nice large tree that looked like the kite eating tree from the comics. They had lots of lighting effects on that tree. All in all it was a cool effort. They also had a live orchestra doing the music which was a nice touch.

Laura: That always makes it more effective. Everybody did well. They looked like they were enjoying themselves.

Mike: Snoopy had a fun time. Snoopy was played by Chuck Dluhy. He had a fun time. He had several numbers and got to make fun, and insult Lucy which brought a big laugh from the kids and the adults in the audience. All in all this was a really good show.

Laura: I definitely recommend it. It’s playing for one more weekend. Tomorrow’s performance is sold out.

Mike: So get your name on the list for Friday or Saturday.

Laura: And now. On with the show.


  • Sally Brown: Dora Lubin
  • Lucy Van Pelt: Rachael Goldman
  • Snoopy: Chuck Dluhy
  • Schroeder: Mickey Goldstein
  • Charlie Brown: Roy Leatherby
  • Linus Van Pelt: Tim Adams


  • Conductor: Michael A. Dzbenski
  • Piano: Shirley Pickett
  • Bass: Dave Burelli, Dotson Burns
  • Reed: Judy Powell
  • Flute: Kathleen Watts
  • Electric/Accoustic Viola: Stacy L. Davis
  • Percussion: Jim Sylvester
  • Lead Kazoo: Michael A. Dzbenski


  • Producer: Laurie Mensing
  • Director: Maggie Kern
  • Musical Director: Michael Dzbenski
  • Choreographer: Sarah Hardy
  • Stage Manager: Terry Yates
  • Assistant Stage Manager: Mary Renschler
  • Assistant Music Director: Stacy L Davis
  • Audition/Rehearsal Pianist: Shirley Pickett
  • Dance Captain: Chuck Dluhy
  • Deck Manager/Fly Operator: Shayne Gardner
  • Stage Crew: Wendy Humphries, Dick LaPorte, Laurie Mensing, Candice Newman, Mary Renschler
  • Set Design: Bea Morse
  • Scenic Design/Graphics: Geoff Hardy
  • Set Construction: Gene Nicholson
  • Set Construction Assistants: Jerry Morse, Alex Morse, Shirley Sameshima
  • Light Design: Bob Ziegler
  • Follow Spot Operators: Daniel Doherty, Sean Doherty, Michael Mensing, Robert Middleton
  • Sound Design: Jerry Bonnes, Bob Ziegler
  • Sound Operators: Jerry Bonnes, Mary Renschler, Shirley Sameshima
  • Costume Design/Construction: Katie Golden
  • Costume Design Assisant: John Golden
  • Properties: Wendy Humphries
  • Properties Assistants: Katie Golden, Arthur Humphries, Bea Morse, Gene Nicholson
  • Hair/Makeup: Annette Haines
  • Program Cover Graphics Design: Geoff Hardy
  • Program: Gwen Graber, Susan Kahn, Laurie Mensing
  • Front of House: Fred Pickett
  • Audition Table: Dave Kahn, Fred Pickett
  • Double Tech Lunch: Laurie Mensing
  • Marketing/Sales/Publicity: Mary Berkowitz
  • Photography: Michael A. Dzbenski
  • Artistic Director: Susan Kahn
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